Study and Personal Application Questions

Let’s respond to God in novel ways.

novel:  1) new and not resembling something common to you, 2) original or striking

~ Begin a journal specific to this season.  Add these prayers to your journal.


Read Habakkuk


Two questions that can come from the book of Habakkuk are, How long? and Why?  Considering your own circumstances how would these questions apply to you?  Also, how would these questions apply to what you know about the current culture today? 

Write a prayer addressing your personal circumstances.  How long…  Why…

Write a prayer addressing the present culture.  How long…  Why…

Pray these prayers.


Habakkuk experiences significant reorientation.   →  Fear to Faith, Protest to Praise

God responds that He would punish the sins of Judah through an invasion and the just people of Judah would survive, but the unjust Chaldeans will be destroyed.

What has God used to ‘invade’ your comfort, opinion, attitudes, and routine?  How will you respond to Him in these areas?  Will you allow Him to work His goodness in the places that perhaps were ‘off-limits’ before?  Write it down in prayer.

v6  God raises up the Chaldeans, that bitter, impetuous nation to seize territories not its own.

What have you done in your bitterness and impulsiveness that is not God honoring?  Do you seize areas of authority that are not your own?  If so, what have you seized?  Are you willing to return it? 

v7  They are fierce and terrifying; their views of justice and sovereignty stem from themselves.

Do you decide what is just?  Do you decided based on your own experience what God’s sovereignty should look like and how He should ‘justly’ handle your situation?  Be specific as you speak to the Lord about this.

v11 They are guilty, their strength is their god.  It is suggested that they worshipped their own military power.

Historically, has your strength been your god?  Have you ‘got this?’  Do you suggest to others that they too ‘have got this?’,  instead of asking God to intervene on their behalf?  Have you led them astray in this way?  Do you view the ‘strength’ of your pride, will, language, and glances when you battle another person?  Ask the Lord to reveal your wrongdoing and repent.

v13  Your eyes are too pure to look on evil, and You cannot tolerate wrongdoing.

How do you suspect God feels when his children participate in wrongdoing or visualize (desire) wrongdoing in their heart?


Beyond the national and international level, what makes most of our lives the most trying are the personal and private pains we carry.  What do we do with these matter.

It is not the deeds of the righteous that save. It is not our works in service nor how we brilliantly subdue our emotions and handle our conduct. It is because we orient everything towards God.

Five woe’s from Chapter 2:

1.  oppress and plunder

2.  covetousness and prive

3.  lust for magnificence and blood-shedding tactics

4.  savage delight in corrupting other nations, for shamelessness, and for destruction

5.  idolatry

v2-4  Marks a point of decision for the prophet in his frustration – will he be puffed up like Babylon, or submit to God and trust him?

How will you respond to God during these ‘novel’ times?

v4  But the righteous one will live by his faith.

Also seen in Romans 1:17, Galatians 3:11, Hebrews 10:38  

Read these verses and notice how the same verse is found in each ‘the righteous one will live by faith,’  but each is in context based on the theme of the chapters.

Though God’s deliverance my seem delayed…wait for it because it will surely come.  What are you doing in the ‘waiting?’  Are you living by faith?  What new ways can you implement this? (v3)

v15-17  By degrading and humiliating conquered peoples, the invaders sought to break their will and render them incapable of further resistance.

Do not allow COVID 19 to break your will, render you incapable, and unable to resist.  What scheme does this remind you of?  Just because it has a different name does not mean it is poles apart.  Suit up.

v18 What use is a carved idol after is craftsman carves it?  It is only a cast image, a teacher of lies.   For the one who crafts its shape → trust in it and make idols that cannot speak.

What idols have you carved in your life?  Idols are a teacher of lies.  How have your idols deceived you?  Be specific.  Apply God’s remedy.


The prayer of Habakkuk 3 is a psalm to be sung to musical instruments.  This psalm represents the prophets response to God’s message to him.  Read through the third chapter.  What verses would you take from this section as a song to God in response to your situation right now?  Sing it to Him.  Make melody in your heart to the Lord.  Let’s increase our singing.  He is altogether faithful and worth every minute.  Even if your heart is broken and uncertainty camps around you…God has the final say.  Every…single…time.


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Next week:  review these questions together.

❧ Seipel, Hearts Ablaze