Bless, In The Name of Yahweh

Psalm 129
Since my youth they have often
attacked me-
let Israel say-
Since my youth they have often
attacked me,
but they have not prevailed
against me.
Plowmen plowed over my back;
they made their furrows long.
The LORD is righteous;
He has cut the ropes of the wicked.
Let all who hate Zion
be driven back in disgrace.
Let them be like grass
on the rooftops,
which withers before it grows up
and can’t even fill the hands
of the reaper
or the arms of the one
who binds sheaves.
Then none who pass by will say,
“May the LORD’s blessing be on you.”
We bless you in the name of Yahweh.

Greetings fellow sojourners! This Psalm begins with repeated statements of duplicated afflictions and terminates with the statement of a victor – but they have NOT prevailed against me. Israel has wrestled and overcome in numerous struggles and decides to gaze upon the LORD’s faithfulness as Deliverer. Indeed, the enemy has had the opportunity and the advantage many times but has NOT gained the victory! Would you agree to the similarity in your own life? Can you claim, “Yes, the enemy has had the advantage many times but will NOT stand as Victor!” With the power of the Name, the blood from the Source, and Truth on our lips we too stand with Israel.

This day, would you be willing to not only read/memorize this Psalm but pray for the victory of Israel? A prayer for those who love the Lord to be strengthened, for those who are seeking to find, and for the nation’s allies to not waiver!

Father God, remove the veil You have sovereignly placed over the eyes of Israel, that they would recognize Jesus as their Messiah. (2 Corinthians 3:14, and taken from a Derek Prince prayer) As I pondered this, I recalled the scripture stating Jesus “approached and saw the city, (Jerusalem) He wept over it, saying, If you knew this day what would bring peace – but now it is hidden from your eyes.” (Luke 19:41-42) Reveal Yourself Jesus to the blind eye!

We are reading/memorizing the 15 Song of Ascents which were recited/sung while the Jews traveled to Jerusalem, anxious to celebrate the Feasts of the Lord. This Sunday will be Pentecost, or the Feast of Weeks. Pentecost is the Greek name meaning the “50th day”. Pentecost occurs seven weeks, or fifty days, after Easter Sunday. This Feast praised God for giving the 10 Commandments to Moses on top of Mount Sinai. Jews would make their annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem to celebrate and reaffirm their commitment to the covenant of Moses. Of course, that covenant was only a shadow of God’s new covenant which would be given through Christ. While the Jews were gathered in Jerusalem for this remembrance, the Holy Spirit came in power and descended upon the twelve Apostles which enabled God’s church to form (Acts 2:1-47). The Holy Spirit remains powerful to this day acting through Believers who are yielded to God the Father and God the Son!

Please comment if you will be joining in prayer or memorization. Also, if you have a particular prayer you desire to pray please include and perhaps someone else will join you!

In His grace,

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