The Lord Surrounds His People


Psalm 125
Israel’s Stability

Those who trust in the LORD are
Like Mount Zion.
It cannot be shaken;
it remains forever.
Jerusalem – the mountains
surround her.
And the LORD surrounds
His people,
both now and forever.
The scepter of the wicked
will not remain
over the land allotted
to the righteous,
so that the righteous will not apply
their hands to injustice.
Do what is good, LORD, to the good,
to those whose hearts are upright.
But as for those who turn aside
to crooked ways,
the LORD will banish them
with the evildoers.
Peace be with Israel.

Not many days ago I was honored to meet and spend time with a sister in Christ. Her sincerity and convictions regarding the direction of her life in Christ was inspiring. During one of our conversations she spoke of the Israel of God. New Testament believers are part of the Israel of God (Galatians 6:16) we are grafted in (Romans 11:17), and we are the seed of Abraham (Galatians 3:27-29). Hallelujah! We who trust in Him, will be like Mount Zion-never shaken. Although we suffer through trials, pain, and uncertainties we WILL stand firm on the sure foundation which is the Lord and not…….moved.

The scepter (a symbol of rule) of the wicked cannot coexist with the presence of God. Amen!! Israel (and you and I) knew that the Lord had promised never to permit the wicked to prevail over the righteous. Hold steadfast to Elohim Shomri (God our Protector) knowing that NOTHING gets through to us that He has not allowed. He is ours and we are His.

Remember to memorize or read over the verse 15 times. You can do it! I would be encouraged today to hear your testimonies of the wonders of God this past week. Big or small – don’t be shy!

Peace be with you. Shalom.

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