A DIVA Pilgrimage

Greetings fellow sojourners! I am so excited about memorizing and praying through these upcoming scriptures together! As our spring season approaches, so does 4 of the Lord’s festivals. The remaining festivals occur during the fall season which we will be skipping over at this time.

Unleavened Bread
First Fruits


Let’s survey a quick sketch of these festivals so we can get our minds focused on spiritual pilgrimage. I have heard the Passover also called the Feast of Salvation, let’s notice why. In the Old Testament (OT), the Israelites applied the blood of the sacrificial animal to the doorpost of their house so that the angel of death would pass over them, thus resulting in salvation. New Testament (NT) believers apply the blood (a spiritual application) of Jesus to their “house” resulting in salvation. The “house” is their body which includes the spirit, soul, and mind and also “houses” the Most Holy Spirit. I like to celebrate Passover as well because through the blood of Jesus, eternal death has indeed passed us over! Hallelujah!!

Leaven or yeast is symbolized in the bible as sin. At the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the OT believers were to eat unleavened bread (bread without leaven or yeast) for 7 days. This signified the removal of sin from their lives. For NT believers, Jesus Christ’s body is the unleavened bread – that which knew no sin. He is the bread of life to us!

In the OT, the Feast of First Fruits acknowledged the fertility of the land God had given the Israelites as a blessing and they were to wave the first sheaf before the Lord expressing gratitude for God’s provision in their lives. NT believers have come to call this feast Easter or resurrection day. How remarkable is it that the OT instructions given in Leviticus 23:12-14 relate to us as direct symbols Jesus used to recall His sacrifice made on our behalf (Jesus as lamb, His bread as body, and His blood as wine)! Jesus is considered the firstfruits – His resurrection guarantees ours (1 Co 15:20,23). This was the last feast Jesus fulfilled.

The Feast of Pentecost. Jews would make their pilgrimage to Jerusalem to celebrate and reaffirm their commitment to the covenant of Moses. Of course this was just a shadow of God’s true plan for deliverance which would be had through Christ, the true lamb of God. It was on this day that the Holy Spirit was given to form God’s church (Acts 2:1-47).

The Festival of Trumpets, even though observed in the Fall season, is just too exciting to not give thought to. I am so excited in typing this I can hardly keep still! In the OT, the high priest actually blew the trumpet to signal the field workers to stop harvesting and come to the Temple for worship. In Leviticus 23:24 the phrase “joyful shouting” means a shout or blast and refers to the sound of the trumpet the high priest blew as a signal to come for worship. 1 Corinthians 15:52 speaks of the trumpet sounding and all being transitioned into a glorified body. Hallelujah!! Christ second coming is heralded by angels blowing trumpets (Rev. 8:7-8,10,12, 9:1, 13-14, 10:7, 11:15) Praise God!!!! We do not know the day or the hour that the Lord will return but be sure of this, lift up your head (Luke 21:28) and be listening for the sound of a mighty trumpet!

During this upcoming spring season let us join spiritually and make a pilgrimage to the Lord as others have for His delightful feasts. Will you join me in memorizing the 15 Song of Ascents that were recited/sung on the way to Jerusalem? We will not only memorize these Psalms but we shall pray them and sing them! After all, these psalms were adapted from ancient hymns.

Let’s pilgrimage DIVAS!  As we spiritually approach, keep your eyes looking upward, and fixed on Jesus. Let’s make our ascent to the Father and while we are at it, there is no need to look down…..or back.

Psalm 120
In my distress I called to the LORD,
and He answered me.
“LORD, deliver me from lying lips
and a deceitful tongue.”
What will He give you,
and what will He do to you,
you deceitful tongue?
A warrior’s sharp arrows
with burning charcoal!
What misery that I have stayed
in Meshech,
that I have lived among the tents
of Kedar!
I have lived too long
with those who hate peace,
I am for peace; but when I speak,
they are for war.

May the grace of God be with you always.  Add your name if you plan to journey.


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