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VAYISHLACH – AND HE SENT | Wilderness Report

Deborah, the one who had nursed and raised Rebekah, died and was buried under the oak south of Bethel. So Jacob named it Oak of Weeping.

Genesis 35:8

Deborah had been Rebekah’s nurse since she was a child. When Rebekah was to mary Isaac (Genesis 24:59), the family sent Deborah with the new bride as she set out. Deborah continued to fulfill her nursing role by affectionately helping Rebekah raise her boys, Esau and Jacob.

After the boys were grown and settled, Deborah died, and the family she loved for so long, took care of her burial. They did more than simply place her body in the ground when you consider the name her burial place was given. Rebekah must have loved her nurse considerably and grieved her loss deeply. The two women had shared so many years and experiences.

To be important in our lives, people need not have impressive jobs or a lot of money. They need not be well known in our community. All they must do is have a positive impact on us. That can happen whether, like Deborah, they’ve been in our lives for years or we’ve known them only a few days – it doesn’t take long for a gentle hand or voice to win our hearts.

What strengthening can we provide to help win a heart today? We can be a joy and comfort to someone in this dry and weary land (Psalm 63:1) or an oasis of living water (John 7:38) for parched saints. The ministry of refreshment is so important that Jesus tells us there is a reward for those who strengthen others (Mark 9:41, see also Proverbs 11:25). Frequently, weary saints need the ministry of refreshment by way of encouragement. Let’s strengthen and refresh as we are able and have a positive impact on someone’s heart today.

In His grace,


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