Your Advice Makes A Difference

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His wife Zeresh and all his friends said to him…

Esther 5:14

Haman had significant worldly advantages going for him: money, position, and the king’s ear. When he could not get what he wanted, namely Mordecai bowing down before him, his frustration turned to bitter resentment, and the resulting hatred drove him crazy. Haman needed advice, so he shared his infuriating situation with his wife and friends. They fed his out-of-control pride and advised him to have Mordecai hung on a 75-foot gallows.

His wife and friends had the perfect opportunity to offer Haman sound advice. Did Zeresh think twice before suggesting Haman should hang Mordecai? Conceivably she got caught up in the suggestions of Haman’s friends and went along with what they advised. Perhaps she’d spent so much time around Haman that she picked up on his bad habit of rash speaking. Or maybe her heart had grown to love the same worldly advantages Mordecai loved; therefore, she served her pride. Whatever the reason, Zeresh gave her husband nefarious advice, which led to his death.

We do not want to be the type of person who gives advice based on what we think the other person wants to hear, instead of what he or she needs to hear. Just as importantly, we do not want to be the kind of person who will not receive helpful advice because our pride is in opposition. If Zeresh had pointed out the pluses in Haman’s life or advised him to think through what he was about to do, things might have turned out differently. Instead, Zeresh’s tragic counsel cost her the life of her husband and later, the life of her sons. We do not have to wait until the stakes are high to give biblically rooted advice. Our words make a difference in the ordinary daily affairs of our lives.

Lord, I desire to seek the good and speak for the welfare of all those in my sphere of influence (Esther 10:5). I ask for the guidance of Your wisdom and the courage to give advice even if it is counter-culture. I want to make a difference. Amen.

In His grace,


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