Crazy? Hardly


Rhoda recognized Peter’s voice, and because of her joy, she did not open the gate but ran in and announced that Peter was standing at the gateway. “Your crazy!” the other disciples told her. But she kept insisting that it was true.

Acts 12:14-15

King Herod had captured Peter, and the disciples expected him to be martyred just as James was. The church assembled at Mary’s home to earnestly pray for him. Perhaps fear overshadowed their thoughts, or maybe they did not expect God to answer their prayer in such a miraculous way, but based upon their reaction to Rhoda’s announcement, they certainly did not expect Peter to be at their door.

It was a dangerous time for the disciples. Mary’s household servant, Rhoda had been trusted to answer the door even though many lives were at stake. Her responsibility was to let other Believers enter and exit as need be. Certainly, they trusted her ability to discern whom to let in and out, or they would not have entrusted her with the job. When Rhoda learned Peter was at the door, she was so flabbergasted that she left him there and ran with excitement to inform the others. Instead of the disciples shouting with jubilee because it would have been an answer to prayer, they said she was crazy.

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Today, people may call us crazy when we exuberantly express what we have seen the Lord do in our own seemingly impossible situations. Perhaps we may even be called crazy because we believe a Book that can not be scientifically proven, but we build our lives on it anyway.

Lord, may you grant us a heart like Rhoda who delights in proclaiming Your good news in spite of a potentially disbelieving response or when faced with rejection. May we, like Rhoda, keep insisting with joy that the Good News is real because we have seen its transforming effects with our own eyes and ears.

In His grace,


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