The Fruit of Love

Greetings fellow sojourners!

Why call you fellow sojourners?  All who join us on Tuesdays to fast and pray to be the delight of our husbands I consider to be only temporarily residing in their current spiritual places!  I am trusting the Lord to take us to new places with Him.

Here are some scriptures that I pray will give us encouragement.  We know we can recognize an apple, banana, and coconut tree by the fruit it bears.  We, as well as others, recognize a work of the Holy Spirit in our lives by the fruit we bear.  There are nine types of fruit that can be seen in the life yielded to the Lord.  The first of these is the fruit of love (Galatians 5:22).

Zechariah 8:12 says, “For they will sow in peace:  the vine will yield its fruit.”  Verse 18 tells us to “love truth and peace.”  These verses are meant to provide illustration to the Israelites that the discouragement of the past is gone and they should look now for encouragement.  We should not look back at disappointments but be encouraged for the future as we seek new and good fruit to appear on our branches!  Satan would have us believe the fruit of our past will be the only type of fruit that is able to come from our branches.  This is a lie straight from Satan’s depths!  We are redeemed and made new in Jesus!  Because of the Lord, we can be encouraged with each new day for He is the God of  new beginnings!

In John 15:1,5,  Jesus is saying, “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vineyard keeper.”  You are the branches.  The one who remains in Me and I in him produces much fruit.”  As we seek the Lord for direction and are obedient to Him, we will find our fruit to be delightful.  It is for His glory that we produce  the choicest of fruit.  Be fruitful Tuesday “DIVA” you are more than victorious!

Grace be with you,


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  1. 38 years a heathen, 12 years reborn, someone completely broken and restored with new life. I know what Jesus’ love is. I know what Jesus’ security is. I know that I am significant in Jesus! Amazing Grace! The Divine Exchange at the cross, He gave all for you and me! That my sisters is Love! Oh, that you know in your whole being, you are so valuable! I look at imperfect people, myself first, imperfect objects, etc. Jesus sees our value and would not throw us away because of our imperfections or flaws, but repairs us and strengthens the weak spots to be significant in the Kingdom of our Father! I pray today that you know your value does not rest in the past but everyday in who you are in Christ Jesus of Nazareth! His grace! Progressively forming us in holiness! As we love our husbands, or those to come for the single women, let’s allow our husbands to be honest with us without judging or condemning and then pray with them and give them a safe zone with us! Then, we honor and respect them keeping it between our spouse and God! No outside laundry exposed unless he gives permission! I love you DIVA’s!

  2. “I long for salvation, O Lord, and your law is my delight. Let my soul live and praise You!” Psalm 119:174&175a
    The word “delight ” is something I have pondered and prayed over many times in the last couple of months, asking God to give me a picture in my mind, a goal, and a focus. I love using my concordance to do a little more in-depth studying…and found the Hebrew word for delight is “shashua”*. It means enjoyment and pleasure. The enemy will try his best to destroy any good that my heavenly Father has given to me – especially my marriage! I must know that I am in a spiritual battle against the enemy and my own selfish, sinful will. Having praise on my lips and scripture on my heart is my safeguard against the temptation to roll my eyes or speak a harsh word. My husband is a gift – and good gifts come from our Father! Let’s see our marriages as a gift from God and thank Him. Ask Him to help us see our spouse through His eyes. God goes before us when we walk in obedience to Him and He will give us success! Praise! It’s been a great Tuesday fast.
    * ‘shashua’ is the word used for ‘delight’ in the Psalms. There are many other Hebrew forms of the word, but the meaning is still similar (desire, favor, good pleasure, acceptable – to name a few other).

  3. As I begin to pray & ponder this morning I find myself asking The Lord about being the delight of my husband & the one in whom he delights- what does that look like? I’m sure the answer differs for each of us as it should in our uniqueness but can we picture it? Individualize it & envision it? Faith is the substance of things hoped for …it begins with a mental picture before God exceeds that picture & it comes to pass – let us begin to imagine it today daughters…dream big & allow your hearts to awaken to the kiss of our very own Prince Charming !

    • Thank for putting it like that. I don’t think I have envisioned what I want my marriage to look like through God’s eyes and my own eyes. I know the qualities but not the whole picture together. This is something to ponder and pray for. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Good afternoon DIVA’s!! As I was reading these thoughts and scriptures, I thanked the Lord for His revealed words to our sister today! Words of love, unconditional, we need to meditate on and allow to be received in our hearts and poured into our husband and children, grandchildren and on and on to each person put in our path, especially the hard to love. How are we doing with those precious hard to love family members and friends? Maybe they have not received God ‘s love, but beautiful women of God, we have! Let’s empty our filling of agape love all day and sprinkle every last drop, we ask for a fresh filling each day! Our past is in “that was then and this is now! Let’s choose to act like Jesus! Pretty soon, glory be to God, we are looking more like Him! God bless each of you with His fruit to overflowing!

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