Thoughts Captive to Christ


“For though we live in the body, we do not wage war in an unspiritual way, since the weapons of our warfare are not worldly, but are powerful through God for the demolition of strongholds. We demolish arguments and every high-minded thing that is raised up against the knowledge of God, taking every thought captive to obey Christ.”  (2 Corinthians 10:3-5) 

Greetings fellow sojourners loved by God! Praise God that because we are his children, he has given us HIS powerful weaponry, and when we deploy it, we can destroy every prideful thought and argument, we attempt to exalt above God. Prideful thoughts are perversions of the truth and have their origins in deceitfulness. When we allow prideful thoughts to have their place in us, they only result in our harm. Consider this point: “It is not a case of the Christian’s effort to force all his thoughts to be pleasing to Christ. Rather the picture seems to be that of a military operation in enemy territory that seeks to thwart every single hostile plan of battle so that there will be universal allegiance to Christ” (Expositors).

We must not elevate any thought above God and the truth of his Word.  Our thoughts that are in line with God’s Word are truths that will set you free, inspire you, empower you, and equip you for life and ministry.  Thoughts you cling to and elevate that are in opposition to His Word create a stumbling block for yourself and others are prideful, dissuade you, and dismantle you for life and effective ministry.

The strategy we utilize to maintain our mind for Christ is to take every thought captive to obey Him before any defeating thought has the opportunity to settle into our heart, which then influence our life.  Taking thoughts captive is how we will guard our heart.

We absolutely decide on what we allow our mind to meditate on.  We are responsible for taking control of what we are allowing our mind to accept as truth, what it meditates on and considers, as well as what we will enable it to imagine.  We alone are the ones responsible for allowing our mind to become fertile for works of light.  We must exercise the ability to say ‘no’ in regards to allowing destructive thoughts permission to proceed and demanding not an inch of allowance be made toward a mind fertile for works of darkness.

What are some things that will keep your mind fertile for works of light?  

~ Yielding to the Spirit of God. 

~ Studying the Bible and fully reflect upon the entire counsel of the Word.

~ Prayerfully considering the writings of men and women who give glory to God through Biblical truth.

~ Meditating on the excellencies of Christ (ex: his taking of human nature, his earthly life, his sacrificial death, his exaltation in heaven, and his final subduing of all evil when he returns glory).

~ Maintaining an active and daily prayer life.

~ Keeping a regular habit of repentance.

~ Maintaining a heart eager to forgive.

~ Desiring for God’s will to fully become your will.

What are some things that will keep your mind fertile for works of darkness?

~ Not doing the things mentioned above.

~ Poor entertainment choices.

~ Unbelief.

~ Insisting upon your own will.

Our mind feeds and fuels our heart.  We must continually instruct ourselves regarding what to think. We must not allow the brokenness of our heart the reigns to dictate what we should think, which results in what we feel.  Our God fearing thoughts must dictate the strength and direction of our heart.  What is out of sync will catch up if you persist in it.

Transformation is vital concerning your mind and heart.  When your mind is renewed, it is as if it was being made young again.  When we put off the old man and the resulting decay which was brought on by fleshly thoughts and behavior, we replace those thoughts with the life-giving thoughts of God.  The resulting effect is a renewed mind.  As we yield ourselves to the Lord, our mind is quickened and sustained by the Spirit of God. Thank you, Lord.

In His grace,