Memories Are for Our Good

But this I call to mind; therefore I have hope. Lamentations 3:21

Grace and peace to you fellow sojourners! I desire, Lord willing, to bring resolute action to the forefront of your thinking regarding how you handle your memories. Before proceeding, let’s settle a vital truth. God created your memories; therefore they are for your good. The next time you are tempted to exalt your misery and afflictions to a place of power in your mind, quickly conclude the thought with a memory about God’s goodness and love he has already demonstrated towards you. The power of God can strip a miserable memory of all its harm and clothe you with the goodness he intends for you.

The verse in our text tells us Jeremiah put his memory to work which enabled him to have the ability to declare his true hope. In the previous verse, the prophet spoke about how the memory of his affliction was so great that it brought him to despair. Yet he allowed this same memory to bring him life and comfort! What shall we learn from this? If we exercise our memories a little harder we could, even in our deepest distresses, recall just how good God has been to us and that His compassions never fail (verse 22). Just as we can recall a distressing memory, we can also recall a blessed one. God does not need to create a new thing in order to restore our joy! We need only stoke the ashes of our despair into a flame of beautiful, prayerful praise!

Jeremiah says the Lord is his portion; therefore he will put his hope in Him (verse 24). This verse does not say God is part of our portion but that He IS our portion. How then, can we be cheated of anything if our treasure is in heaven? Lord, may you grant us grace to rejoice in our deepest distress because You are our sure possession, our continual legacy of joy.

It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is still young (verse 27). Imagine a sick young child who must be firmly persuaded to take his medicine. The medicine is bitter, and the child cannot bear to swallow it because the child cannot see how it can possibly bring his cure. How can something so bitter bring about something good? As an adult, however, we no longer wrangle with the idea of not wanting to swallow the bitter pill because experience has taught us that it will provide our remedy. When the fruit of healing comes, we bring to our remembrance all that God has done for us and bless His name. The memory of our past misery and afflictions are now nothing but water under our Majestic bridge. Thank you, Lord.

In His grace,


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  1. Thank you Amanda! This is a good reminder to not let memories of our past mistakes and disappointments overtake God’s goodness. This word came on a memorable day for me.

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