The DIVA Challenge!


What a journey!  What began in March 2014 and has continued to October 2014 amounts to 8 months of Tuesday fasting and praying.  The Lord invited us into His presence, to call upon His name, and to allow our hearts to be delightfully transformed.  If the enemy of our souls would have his way he would continue wrecking havoc on our covenant relationships.  Let it not be so!  Stand and make no agreements with your enemy and choose instead to agree with God’s word.  That brings me to a Great detour along this delightful path.   A sunsetting on one journey and a Son Rising in our hearts for another.  Amen!  The Lord has been speaking to my heart regarding memorizing His word!  What an invitation!

Do you feel adequately equipped in this season of your life to immediately respond with the Creator’s truth the moment your sleep is stolen by anxiety, your peace is robbed, or an unchecked emotion throttles you to uncomfortable places?  If not, will you join me for a temporary detour from the typical Tuesday prayer and spend time preparing your heart to humbly receive the implanted word which is able to save you (James 1:21)?  If you feel you are already adequately equipped would you be in agreement that you could use a refreshing?

We will take a portion of Scripture, study it, and commit it to memory.  After the allotted time has expired, we will proceed to another portion of Scripture.  The Lord has given us brain power to conquer this task!  We are not too busy, not too old or too young, and certainly not incapable!  Remember…we will make no agreement with the enemy.  Instead, we will pray for the Creator to provide us the necessary motivation and capabilities beyond our expectations to meet this task!  Expect it!  Is this the Lord’s will for your life?  I answer in the affirmative!  How about you?

On the post dated Oct. 10th our sweet DIVA sister Christie lead you in the first challenge.  Shall we have the work completed by the 28th?

I want to hear your successes!  If you are in agreement to join me in memorizing Scripture include your name each week!  When you have completed the work let me know!  You are precious and I desire to celebrate with you.

Judy, Deanna, Heather, Jeannie, Linda, Janet, Janelle, Pat, Kheanne, and Christie have so far agreed to the DIVA Challenge!  Be encouraged!

In His grace,


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