Dig Deep


“I will show you what someone is like who comes to Me, hears My words, and acts on them: He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. When the flood came, the river crashed against that house and couldn’t shake it, because it was well built.” Luke 6:47-48

Greetings fellow sojourners!

These few sentences provide a great deal of vital information. Firstly, Jesus is telling us how to respond to him: Come, hear, and act. All three of these initiatives are essential, and we will not be adequately equipped if we neglect any of them.

Secondly, when we come to Jesus, hear His words, and then act on His words it will cause us to be firmly rooted, built up, and established (Colossians 2:6). A casual approach to Him will not satisfy the longing each of us has within us to know and to be deeply known. Ensure your roots go deep to the foundation rock which not only will cause you to be reliable and robust but will allow you to be richly nourished.

And thirdly, we must acknowledge that the floods WILL come. Just because our roots are grounded IN Him does not mean the world’s climate changes. Storms occur. The wording says WHEN the flood comes, not IF the flood comes. Our advantage is when the flood (trials) comes in so heavy and from every direction, surrounding and crashing against you on all sides, you WILL NOT be shaken BECAUSE you are built on Him.

So what does digging deep look like? We are told The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure that is buried (Matthew 13:44). If something is hidden, then it is concealed and requires an effort to be found. I suspect, therefore, it escapes the notice of the lazy and unwise ‘dogs’ and ‘pigs’ who do nothing more than trample (treat with insulting neglect) the treasure under their feet (Matthew 7:6). The Word is available to anyone desiring to know the Truth. However, for those who desire to know the Lord deeply, it will require ‘digging’ into the Word to discover the exquisite beauty and great value of this hidden treasure.

In His grace,