Peace, be Still

“And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.”  Mark 4:39

Grace and peace to you fellow sojourners!

We are not told much about how this fierce storm broke forth, but we are told that the journey across the sea came at the close of a busy teaching day and Jesus was most likely weary.  In my own life, I seem to be hit by the fiercest ‘winds’ when I am tired.  What about you?

I find it interesting that the word translated ‘peace’ in this verse is also translated ‘silence’ in other versions of the Bible.  It is a word that means things like, to muzzle, to be speechless, and to be kept in check.  Can you imagine peace muzzling your speech so that it is held in check?

In our life experience, we can verify that the good and the bad both have the power to arise.  In this verse, the word ‘wind’ indicates ‘a violent attack of wind, not a squall or a single gust nor a steady blowing wind, however violent, but a storm breaking forth from black thunder clouds in furious gusts, with floods of rain, and throwing everything topsy-turvy’ (Strongs).  Without a doubt, this arising force would be bad if you happen to be in a boat on the sea.  The marvelous love of Jesus arises even in the midst of the unwelcome and forbids it to continue while bringing everything to peace; causing everything to be still and calm.

When your circumstances tempt you to veer off into a ‘furious gust,’ which causes your vision to blur and your insides to turn chaotic, call for the Teacher.  In the disciple’s distress, they did not call him by his name Jesus, but by “Teacher!”  I suppose they needed some teaching just as you or I need when we view our circumstances to be bigger than our God.

I want the peace that surpasses every thought to guard my heart and mind (Philippians 4:7).  I am praying this exact prayer for someone very dear to me and to behold with my very eyes the storm dissipating in their heart and bringing a wave of peace that only God Himself can bring is an absolute joy.   Sojourners, let’s be so immersed in the peace of the Lord that when the storms arise, they can’t rock our boat.

In His grace,


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  1. Lord, when I am tired and the storms of life are to much to handle. Keep me stayed on the Rock, clinging to Him who speaks peace to the storm. Thank You Jesus that You give peace that surpasses all understanding.

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