The Power of the FULL Armor


You sweet, sweet DIVAs.  I am drawn back to the well for more refreshing in the “full” armor of God.  Will you join me?  No matter what the cost, let’s be prepared and readied to stand.  Lord, let it fall fresh on us and allow us to stand strong and resist the enemy of the church.  If you discover that you are lacking regarding a piece of the armor please post and we will join you in prayer!  It is my heart’s desire!  We are on the battlefield defending what God has given and holding our position in Jesus while standing strong in prayer – shoulder to shoulder.  When one sister falls weak we lift her up in prayer (picture holding her up with an arm around her while still armed, on the look out, and praying) while the Lord strengthens her with the Truth until she is ready to stand again.  Hallelujah!…

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In His grace,