What Are You Remembering?


Part of our life experience is weathering offenses.  Has the Lord entrusted you with an offense as part of sanctification?  Offenses are sure to come (Matthew 18:7).  Biblical wisdom tells us we should not be taken unaware when they do.  I am sure you have heard the phrase, “this is the last straw” in regard to multiple transgressions.  Have you ever sensed a similiar verbiage unfold in your heart?  As the offenses are remembered are you ever tempted to block that person future access as a way to protect your heart from further turmoil?  Psalm 130:3 states, “Yahweh, if You considered (to watch over or guard) sins, Lord, who could stand (endure, or bear)?”  Have we ever “considered” someone’s sins and they were therefore unable to “stand” in our presence?  The verse says, “if” the Lord considered sins – meaning He does not.  As  our character is emerging more in line with the character of our Lord, we also should not “consider” offenses.  This IS possible for us through the power of the Holy Spirit that resides in our minds, in our hearts, and in our souls!

Love does not keep a record of wrongs (1 Co 13:5).  Why would  we desire to not keep a record of wrongs?  Because He does not.  We are instructed to forgive (Col. 3:13), even if the offender has not asked forgiveness.  Obeying keeps us free and does not give Satan a foothold.  Allow the love (agape) of God to saturate your mind, heart, and soul.  How would you react if you were told by someone your “record” with them consisted only of pure, lovely, commendable, and praise worthy things? (Philippians 4:8)  Would your heart fill with humility?  Mine would…

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Bless our time as we seek you Lord.