God’s Will? Sanctification

What is our desire sweet DIVAs (Divenly Inspired Victoriously Annointed)?  Is it not to be delightful?  Jesus, open our eyes and hearts to the power You have already infused within us so that we will be encouraged to boldly accept the will of God in our lives – sanctification.

Have you ever beheld the Lord with such intensity that you turned your gaze or lifted your hands upward desiring to close the gap?  Together with Christ Jesus, we (our perfected character) have been raised up and seated in the heavens (Ephesians 2:6).  During our earthly tenure, our endeavor is to strive toward closing the gap between our current or known character and our perfected heavenly character (as God sees us).  The gap between the two should not grow farther apart or remain unchanged.  With each passing day the gap should be closing.  Paul stated that he had not yet reached that goal and he was not yet fully mature (perfected) but he was making every effort to take hold of the aspiration because he had been taken hold of by Christ Jesus.  Paul strived to forget what was behind him and to reach forward to what was ahead.  His pursued goal was the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12-14).  This is our aim as well!  Lord assist us when we become complacent!  We want what you have freely given!…

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Beloved, if you are in Christ Jesus there is no condemnation only a sweet prompting to follow Him.   Come…He is waiting.


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  1. Yesterday my kids and I read our devotional at breakfast. I challenged them to stand in front of the mirror and look and think ‘how does God see me’? Looking past the outward imperfections we all see and just realize who you are in Christ. After a few moments alone my son came out of the bathroom, I asked him what did he see in the mirror and he said he saw a child of God. We are so dearly loved by our Heavenly Father! How beautiful it is to know that as believers He has a predestined, sanctifying journey for us? AND He tells us how the journey ends!!
    My prayer today is: Sanctify us Lord, Make us more and more like YOU Lord, so that in our reflections we see YOU!

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