A Question of Rejection

Accept one another, just as the Messiah also accepted you, to the glory of God (Romans 15:7).  To the glory of God indeed!  Have you found that in your rejection you have rejected?  Who do you allow to teach you regarding acceptance?  The one who has rejected you – or the One who has accepted you?  When suffering rejection, set your gaze higher and reflect on the ways of the One who experienced tremendous rejection yet accepted us in love.  Are we receiving rejection and allowing it to seep into our heart as truth as opposed to allowing the word of God continuous access to our hearts?  If the Word has made its way from our intellect to the depths of our soul then when we experience rejection (notice when, not if) the truth of God will deflect the pain of rejection and not allow it a foothold.  If rejection does take up residence, we will reject out of our rejection.  If Truth abides, we will project acceptance to others (to the ones rejecting us and to innocent parties) when our flesh would instead have us withdraw…

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  1. “Love”. Worthy Diva’s! It was God’s love that chose us, created us for His good pleasure! “Love” that God sent His Son, that we could be reconciled to our “Abba” Father. “Love” that unites us to our husbands, “Love” that cuddles our children, of our womb or of our heart through adoption. “Love” that causes pain in our own heart when someone we love is hurting, “Love” that endures for all people in all circumstances, even if it is from afar at times. “Love” that makes it a choice to sacrifice for others. “Love” that God brings His chosen to heaven at the appropriate time. Every moment here, God’s “Love” is available for all people. It is in us because Christ is in us. We are in Christ and He was rejected. He still “loved”. We most assuredly will be rejected but will we choose to “Love” anyway? At any worthy cost to bring glory to the One that gave it all for those who believe in Jesus Christ of Nazareth!! I know what hate is, been there and done that at any cost. I now know agape love that I choose at any cost!! It truly is a choice!! Who cares if people reject us, our focus is our eternity. Eternity holds no rejection. I am learning daily “it is not about me, but Him”. Thank You Jesus that You are not content to leave us where we are but Your desire is continued transformation in our lives to glorify You. We humble ourselves to Your Lordship Jesus! Amen

  2. Last week was my first week to join in fasting and praying. I knew before the day started that I battle with the stronghold of rejection. Four years ago our family moved to another country for two years. It was not long before I was engaged in a full blown battle with the enemy. I had had skirmishes with rejection in my life, but I was always able to find comfort somewhere. But once I was out of my comfort zone, with nowhere to run and hide, the depth of the issue was exposed. The last four years have been quite a journey as God has continued to allow circumstances in my life that show me that my security, identity and purpose is not rooted in Him. When I sat down with Him last Tuesday morning it was in these three areas that I asked for Him to speak to me. And He is. Amanda, one of the things He spoke to me was to keep my gaze on Him. Thank you for the words you wrote. Timely. Another thing He spoke to me is that He summons me by name, which was echoed in a post by another reader.

  3. Is 43:1 “I have called you by your name; you are Mine.”
    Let us rise above rejection by remembering – WE ARE HIS! We need to: stop comparing our self-worth to the standards set by the world; stop allowing Satan to steal, kill and destroy who we are in Christ. God wants us to see ourselves through His loving eyes. Let’s ask God to capture our thoughts because our thoughts become our words; our words become our actions; our actions mold our character. Jesus showed us how to overcome rejection – let’s follow Him.

  4. O what a word this morning! I felt rejected through a situation recently – like yesterday recent – I shared my problem with a friend and I kept asking her – ” what should I do?” She wisely told me to let the Lord work it out, He would lead me. She said do not try to think for Him. As I read the post this morning, it felt like a love letter to me from our heavenly Father. In the face of this rejection I will choose to be spirit led and not by my flesh – I will forgive and ACCEPT!
    Thank you Amanda for allowing the Lord to use you in this ministry.
    Praying for you all today

  5. My son wrote a song called “Good News” and on the tag it says “if you love God and love people we can change the world.” You can go to http://www.vurbanrecords. Com and click on music on left hand side and then click on video underneath the the title “good news”! The point I’m trying to make is that The Lord loves all of us just where we are at so why are we human beings so quick to judge !!!! The Lord will never reject us, he love us right where we are at! If we just love God and then love on people we can change the world!! Thank you Amanda this was a great message today!!!

  6. Today, even before I read Amanda’s post, I have an overwhelming sense to pray for those whose husbands are unsaved.
    Lord, I lift them up to you. I pray your spirit would be poured out upon these men in such abundance that the influence of the world & the ungodly would be neutralized & they would begin to see a clear view of your truth. I pray that as wives we would reflect your likeness to such a degree it draws them to you. I pray that if in any way we have reacted toward them out of hurt vs love that you would mend that as well. Your word tells us your desire is that none should perish but come to know you, it tells us that you hate divorce, it tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers & it gives us the hope that thru the actions of the sanctified spouse one can be drawn to you therefore it only stands to reason that according to Your will we pray & agree that happen for our spouses that know you not. God I ask you for a suddenly moment to occur in homes & hearts today. I pray the manifestations of true heart change be evident to us no matter how subtle. You give us eyes to see & ears to hear & hearts to receive the hope found only in You to soften once hard hearts. That You would give us specific words to feed that which needs to be fed in their spirit & nullify any words that may have be spoken out of emotion misrepresenting Your own heart toward them. I pray a peace that passes understanding as we rest in the assurance that He who began a good work is faithful to complete it. We speak with the authority of Jesus against any barriers of hindrance or any unholy spirits that comes against Your will Lord to restore these sons to right relationship with their heavenly Father. I pray all generational curses be broken so that there is an open window for Your blessings. We pray in agreement for a multitude of laborers to rise up & invade their pathway & workplace that will be bold & speak undeniable truth that their hearts will receive. We break off isolation to freely set them on that path. When we are to be laborers in the lives of others make us aware and not miss seed sowing opportunities. I also ask that those who merely believe but have not made you Lord would also rise up to the wisdom & revelation that comes from the fear of The Lord that You may take your place on the throne of their hearts & in our homes in Jesus mighty name!

  7. Wow….totally needed to have this in my heart. Sometimes we don’t speak up or act for fear of rejection. I will recoil and beat the situation up in my head. I don’t want to fear rejection anymore of worry about the person and the reason they rejected me. I am wonderfully and fearfully made in Him. I want to reflect His glory onto others in all that I am.

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