Thankful In Ministry

“I never stop giving thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers”  Ephesians 1:16

Greetings and Merry Christmas friends!  I am so thankful to share in ministry with such beautifully talented and wonderful friends!  I am thankful for the leading of worship, for those who assist in set-up, for those who pray, for those who share the blog post, for those who offer edification, smiles and hugs, for those who lead in prayers of deliverance, for those who speak out boldly on behalf of Jesus, for those who share of themselves, for those who are not afraid to offer words spoken in truth, for those who mentor by inviting others to study, for those who are eager to learn and eager to rejoice in our Lord, and for those who boldly walk in their spiritual gifting!!

You mean so much to me and for the cause of Christ.  You bless me tremendously.  I am honored to call you my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus.  As we approach these days of Christmas I want to encourage you to not ever be satisfied with a mere head knowledge of Jesus Christ that most likely ends there because of fear’s crippling immobility.  Be determined and strike a bold initiative towards sharing the love of God to those in your path.  Allow the Word to fan your spirit into a roaring flame and never forget the darkness you have been snatched from so that you can rise up with a thankful fervor; praising God that by His grace you have been birthed into His kingdom.  May your verbal and nonverbal demonstration of the Gospel message be presented with such vigor that no one whom God has called is able to resist entering into blessed joy with you in giving exuberant praise to the One we call King.  You are a blessing!

In His grace,


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