Assume The Full Armor of God and Stand

What is preventing you from possessing that relationship you desire?  Consider the reason (it is not a person) and ask the Lord to reveal to you specifics if need be.  Whatever is restraining you from loving boldly, expressing authentic joy, settling into peace, exercising patience, extending kindness, revealing goodness, possessing full throttle faith, displaying gentleness, and maintaining self-control (Galatians 6:22-23) is a stronghold in your life.  I am not talking about days here and there of unfruitfulness.  What I am describing is a season or seasons of works of the flesh (Galatians 6:19-21).  Remember, idolatry is ANYTHING you raise up to a place reserved exclusively for God…

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Praise you Lord!  Our obstacle is reduced to nothing because you are our God!  Our salvation comes quickly because we trust You!  Restore our relationships as we bow our hearts to You!


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  1. What a great message! Our battle is in the world, the flesh and with the enemy! We battle because of who we are in Christ! This I know, our Jesus of Nazareth has always gone to the front line on my behalf and yours, even before we knew Him! I refuse to allow the enemy, the world or the flesh to kill, steal or destroy in my mind, heart, soul or spirit as I stand on the truth that our Abba Father is Sovereign, omniscient, omnipresent and is Love. Fear is an opening and allows the enemy to bully us, glory be to God, our faith and trust and our free will to move forward in Christ through His grace in victory. The full armor is only effective if we put it on and believe God’s armor holds the victory. Unforgiveness opens a foothold as well to the world, flesh and enemy! We also must not dishonor the finished work in the divine exchange on the Cross in not forgiving yourself as well after we have received forgiveness and cleansing from Jesus. Yes, you can be assured the attacks are really against Jesus and there are times our attacks are personally inflicted because of a lack of obedience or mercy and grace we should be receiving for ourself and others. Remember Jesus is with us when the bully confronts us. I have learned the hard way not to bring unnecessary battles against myself. I also refuse to give too much acknowledgement and power to the one already defeated. We are children of God, sisters of Jesus and we are Diva’s in victory! All in the One who gave it all at Calvary! I have learned to praise the Lord that in the battles, that His great glory be magnified and I thank Him that He would allow me the privilege in suffering that all will be used for good! We are at all times destined for victory! I pray mighty and feminine Diva’s you know this truth today and into eternity!! I love you all!!

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