In His Presence Abundant Joy is Found (Week 3)

When you receive the fullness of the Spirit one of the fruits that boldly manifest is JOY.  Greetings fellow sojourners!  Do you know down to the deepest recesses of your heart that there is absolutely no one or no thing that is adequately equipped with the fulfilling ability to pervade your longing soul with the kind of joy you were created to crave?  That is God’s job alone by the powerful work of His Holy Spirit.  You are well able sweet thing, by the power of the Spirit, to not only possess but to manifest the kind of joy you and everyone else you come into contact with desires.

“Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed for they will be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)  During your day of fasting instruct the part of you that pines for food to instead crave the righteousness found in the Lord.  When you eagerly long to meet the needs of your thirsty mouth feel your want of the righteousness of the Lord and know you are blessed because the promise given is that you will be filled.  Sojourners, if you find you do not hunger and thirst make your initial prayer be for the Lord to create the desire in you to HUNGER and THIRST.  Make it your hearts cry; the deep longing of your soul.

The word translated ‘blessed’ in the Matthew verse is the Greek word ‘makarios’.  It communicates not only the idea of happiness but also profound peace, comfort, stability, and great joy.   If we are going to have any attitude why not make it a Be-atitudes?  It is Jesus that gives this Spirit of joy but it is you that must crucify your flesh and this is vital if you truly desire to get in deep with God.

Have you ever considered the happiness of God?  God IS joyful.  1 Timothy 1:11 speaks of the glorious gospel of the blessed (happy) God.  God’s blessedness ~ his happiness, is central to his glory.  We have God’s joy in us because we have the Spirit and the Spirit is part of the Triune God! You have joy in you!  So, how do we draw this joy into our personalities?  YIELD.  Insist that your will be yielded to the Father’s will.  Once you have directed your mind completely to His will, your heart will begin to fully desire it.  It is similar to forgiveness.  You first forgive because it is a command even though your heart may not be in total agreement.  After a few opportunities of forgiving, your heart will catch up and be in agreement with what you have already commanded your will to do.

Since the source of our joy is the Spirit residing in us, we can have biblical joy even if we are mourning, suffering, or experiencing a difficult trial.  Being filled with joy allows us to bathe that concern we are suffering in the fullness of the Spirit’s joy which is now OURS in Him.  This is how we are still able to rejoice in our sufferings.  Paul instructs us to rejoice in the Lord always and then again rejoice.  The way this is possible is we approach our not-so-pleasant situation and filter it through the joy of the Lord.  This is our strength.  Through this strength, we are able to do all things. We will ALWAYS be able to do this because we know He will never leave us or forsake us, therefore we know that we will always have joy in us.

As we adopt the Father’s will as our own we will discover that we stop trusting in the potential of sin to make us happy and instead we will trust in God’s promises of joy that are found in the Word. Psalm 16:11 tell us that He has revealed the path of life to us, and in His presence, there is abundant joy.  Thank you Jesus!

Let’s think about this.  In John 15:11 Jesus says, “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.”  This verse is instructive because Jesus refers to his own joy as being in us ~ he is not just giving us any joy, but HIS joy.  And whatever he is joyful about is in us. We are not only rejoicing over what we know about Jesus, we are rejoicing with the very joy of Jesus over what he knows about everything, especially what he knows about his Father.

The essence of the mission of the Spirit is to glorify Jesus.  He will make Christ real to people and show us who he really is in his glory so that we love him, trust him, and obey him. Through this, we are able to demonstrate the joy we have IN HIM to the world.

Thank you, Jesus, for protecting us from stumbling and enabling us to stand in the presence of Your glory, blameless and with GREAT JOY!

Remember to fast on Thursday and repent of whatever the Lord shows you which prevents you from receiving and manifesting HIS joy (see the schedule on the post dated Oct. 24).

In His grace,


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  1. Thank You Jesus for Your Joy. Thank you that it’s not dependent on how we feel, or our circumstances. Lord help me to lead into Your Joy, that I would allow it to influence every area of my life.

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