The Path to Jesus

“And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven will also forgive you your wrongdoing”  Mark 11:25.

Several years ago the Lord revealed to me the pathway to forgiveness.  I was experiencing a time when I felt continuously hurt by someone.  As time  past, the hurt turned to bitterness  and occasionally expressed itself as anger.  I detected no resolution to the matter and probably did not possess a heart for it.  As I am sure you can relate, I also needed to receive forgiveness for my actions but because I was busy defending my own cause I could not see the effect of my deeds.  Isn’t that what usually happens?

Jesus longs for us to know and walk in Truth (John 18:37-38, John 16:13).  He began presenting a truth to me by illustrating two paths.  The first path was initially revealed as a beautiful park.  I was walking along that path and I appeared to be doing quite fine!  As I watched, however, the path began to darken and close in from every direction.  Immediately I knew I did not desire to stay.  The next path I was shown was lined with large, thick thorns.  Both paths were then displayed together in front of me.  The Lord spoke to my heart saying, “If you remain on this path (the beautiful one that closed into darkness) you will not find Me.  If you choose this path (the one with the huge thorns), I will be with you.”  At the end of the thorny path, I saw Him waiting for me.  He was so far away he looked 2″ tall!  Gazing down the path I noticed how large the thorns were.  I told the Lord, “I can’t walk that path of thorns!”  I starred down at my feet and noticed I did not even have on shoes.  In effect what I was staying is what you are asking me to do is too hard!  He said, “I have ointment and bandages for your feet.  I have everything you will need.  Now forgive.”  I said, “You are asking me to forgive?  Didn’t you hear what was said?”  His reply was, “Yes. I heard and I saw and it will be for me to handle.  Your job is to forgive.”  Now I had to choose which path to put my feet.  I determined to endure the thorny path.  Who can resist the Lord?

I did not have to wait long for the opportunity to practice forgiveness!  Before I had a chance to react to the hurtful words spoken, I immediately recalled the invitation from the Lord.  I said nothing with verbal words but in my mind I said, “I forgive you.”  OUCH!  Then it hit me.  The thorns represented pride!  Each step I took down the path to meet my Jesus I had to feel the sting of pride.  It was not the sting of forgiving someone you think owes you.  It was the sting of having to lay down pride in order to walk with Jesus.  Pride is our enemy.  Pride thinks it has to defend your heart against others.  Jesus is your defender (Lamentations 3:58, Psalm 74:22, Romans 12:19).  I could have meditated on numerous words, plotted numerous deeds, and put up several bricks around the wall of my heart and felt justified in doing so!  This time, I chose not to and it was VERY hard.  Would you do it to get a step closer to Jesus?

Not much time past and I had another opportunity to forgive.  This time it was a little easier.  Then the third time came….it was simple!  The Lord visited me again a short time later.  The beautiful path that channelled into darkness was gone.  The path of thorns remained but it was beginning to reveal a beautiful spacious place.  Remember I mentioned I could tell He was standing at the end of the path but was so far away he looked miniature?  No more.  The One standing at the end of the path zoomed up to my face with such speed I can’t even describe.  Glory!  What do you think?  Are you willing to offer someone forgiveness and take a step closer to Jesus?  You can do it!

For if you forgive people their wrongdoing, your heavenly Father will forgive you as well.  Matthew 6:14

…accepting one another and forgiving one another if anyone has a complaint against another.  Just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you must forgive.  Colossians 3:13


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  1. Thank you Amanda for sharing this from your heart. Forgiveness is difficult – for we are a prideful people. The Lord called the Isrealites on many occasions “stiff necked”! O how I want to bow in His presence and know and understand how great a sinner I am. How much He has forgiven and how could I not extend that to others?
    I have also experienced not being forgiven by someone. It is a painful place to be. In those times of feeling resentful, hurt and yes, angry – I had to turn to my Savior and know that He is all I need. He alone can heal the brokenness and repair the damage unforgiveness can cause. I didnt “need” forgiveness to be able to move forward and I praise Him because He is always the same – steadfast, good, faithful, changeless.
    “Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren (DIVAs 🙂 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. It comes down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning .” James 1:16-17
    Continuing to pray for those who shared requests…May I ask that you please say a prayer of safety and health for my children as they spend sometime away with their grandparents? Thank you!

  2. Amanda, thank you for being humble and sharing your battle and the amazing grace that can only come in Jesus of Nazareth. Freely submitting your free will to the authority of Christ. Being set free and as Ann said, taking back the legal ground given to Satan through pride and disobedience. Receiving the freedom in the name and authority of Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to empower you to endure the thorns. To Christ be the glory forever and ever, Amen!

  3. We all face the battle to forgive. I have come to realize that an unforgiving spirit gives Satan a foothold into my life that robs me of the joy and peace God has for me. It is only by being transformed by the renewing of my mind that I can be free from this stronghold. Through God’s power and authority, we can speak forgiveness and blessing on anyone who has hurt us. Let’s do it to honor God. Let’s do it to be free. Let’s do it to regain the joy and peace that can only come from forgiving. May you be blessed through your willingness to forgive.

    • Thank you for sharing your heart and what a powerful vision! We moved from California to Tennessee 2 1/2 years ago and my in-laws moved with us! Enough said! Ha! Let’s just say that the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy or shall I say divide and conquer! The Lord called me to ask for forgiveness, forgive and Love ALOUD!!! I can relate to those thorns because it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do! Gods way is so simple but yet we make it so difficult because of pride! Let me tell you Divas, Gods way works! Ha! I started out with random acts of kindness and short conversations, showing her nothing but love! I would still argue with God because I felt wronged in the process , but The Lord kept saying “suzieQ please trust me, I know what I’m doing.” LOL ha! Sometimes we just need to get over ourselves and allow The Lord to to lead!!! God is so good! The Lord is restoring our relationship! Let’s stomp out pride and LOVE ALOUD!!!!!

  4. DIVAs….join me in inviting the power of the living God into our situations today! The power of God that spoke this universe into existence and the same power that rose Jesus from the dead! That same power can be invited into your situation to create a new heart free from resistance and free to love. Shall we? Look for the Lord today and EXPECT a fresh wind to rekindle the flame of the Spirit of God in you!

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