The Restorative Power of Being Covered by Prayer


Greetings fellow sojourners!  Do you know how God is indubitably fond of you!  I discovered this acknowledgment I had written some time ago while I was recently sorting through my papers.  I  pray it blesses you today…

On account of my many busy obligations, I was having a difficult time finding time with the Lord.  Because I had allowed this to happen my patience was rapidly diminishing.  Just this morning I had Bible study scheduled with the most beautiful ladies I know and regrettably my heart was not in the right condition because I had been shamefully neglecting it.  I got particularly angry over the continued disobedience of one of my kids and sadly lost my patience.  I decided it was imperative that I go to church early and enter into the quiet sanctuary to seek the Lord (by myself) and pray.

When I walked into the sanctuary I found myself even more distressed and internally felt I was quickly coming to the end of my rope because what I found was a far cry from what I thought I needed.  The Easter season was quickly approaching and there were many people in the sanctuary building a backdrop for the Easter service.  Their hammering and scurrying around was more than my short supply of patience could handle.  I sat down in one of the chairs with my head in my hands for a little while.  When I looked up I saw a pillar in the church praying.  At this point, I did not have a prayer to pray for myself so I listened to hers and accepted the glorious words as my own.

The more I did this, the quieter it seemed to get in the sanctuary (don’t get me wrong, they were still hammering but it was no longer my focus).  I then saw something I had not noticed when I entered. There were several people in the sanctuary prayer-walking and touching the seats as they walked.  I was so distracted by the ‘noise’ in my own head and by the ‘noise’ in the sanctuary that the people praying were invisible to me when I initially came in.  The peace that came over me was incredible as I could now hear the voices of four people praying.  I had my meeting in less than five minutes but I did not wish to move from my spot!  My mind went to the temple in Jerusalem and the days when sojourners entered to pray and as a result, they filled the temple with their powerful prayers.  I realized since we are the temple of the Living God we must do the same thing.  We must cover ourselves with prayer at all times.  When we are covered with prayer the ‘noise’ of life gets quieted; otherwise, it seems to have the unnerving power of cleverly diverting us from the things of God.

Historically, rebuilding the temple signified a time of restoration.  When your temple, which houses the Holy Spirit of Almighty God is ‘rebuilt’ with HIS solid foundation and when you clean out the clutter, distractions, and idols, and fill it with prayer, expect to find restoration for your mind, soul, and body.  Hallelujah!

In His grace,