God Breaks Defeating Bonds


“People are enslaved to whatever defeats them.”   2 Peter 2:19

You know the hindering feeling.  The constraining ‘hitch’ in your gitty up of that old stinking habit you just can’t seem to break.  Maybe the habit is a thought you feel compelled to continue replaying.  Give some real honest thought to the truth, you “are enslaved to whatever defeats” you or controls you.  Sweet things, it is past time to END this battle.  The good news?  It has already been nailed to the Cross of Christ so all you have to do is decide you are ready to be through with it, leave it on the Cross where it belongs, engage with the grace Jesus gives, and walk in your victorious calling.  This cloud of heaviness that seems to be covering God’s people should not be!

Let’s investigate some word meanings from 2 Peter.  Being enslaved is “to control someone by keeping the person in a bad or difficult situation where the person is not free, or to make a slave (person legally owned) of someone.”  (Cambridge Dictionary)  Do you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that through the blood of Jesus you are no longer enslaved to sin?  That you have been purchased out of the hand of the enemy and you are no longer enslaved to him or this world system?  By maintaining a mindset that desires repentance you remain free.  YOU ARE FREE!

Whatever‘ is used to emphasize a lack of restriction in referring to anything.  

‘Defeats’ is the Greek word hēttaomai and means ‘to make worse, to vanquish, to be inferior, to overcome, to be made inferior to, to overcome, worsted, to be conquered by one, forced to yield to one.’  Feeling defeated will make you feel inferior.  Feeling defeated will make you feel overcome and conquered.  Feeling defeated will force you to yield to destructive emotions that belong nailed to the Cross.
“He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and broke their bands apart.”
Psalm 107:14

“And now I will break his yoke from you and will burst your bonds apart.”  Nahum 1:13 ESV

Does it stir your emotions to think the enemy wants you to be inferior to things, for things to overcome you, for you to be conquered, and for you to be forced to yield to debilitating things?  In Christ, we are empowered to be victorious, not powerless and enslaved to defeat.  The enemy will try to convince you to accept your bondage and remain enslaved.  Stand strong and do not accept defeat in areas where Christ has given you the victory!

Are we more of a stranger to freedom and quite comfortable with what controls us?  What has the mastery of you?  DIVAs, we owe Christ more than this.  How about if we honor His name more by not walking around with such sad faces and hearts that are heavy because of emotions out of line with the Truth!  Are we not called Christ Followers?  If Christ is ahead of you and you are FOLLOWING Him would you really and truly have such long faces and perpetually heavy hearts??  Do we think that our attitudes because of our enslavement to defeat will bring anyone else to Christ on our watch?  Christians should be the ones in this world that corner the market on JOY!  Do we have hard times?  Indeed.  But…they are short lasting.  These times come and go and change like the wind.  Eternity is around the corner; Jesus is bringing it soon.  Let’s spend our days smiling because of what lies AHEAD.  Through the blood of Jesus God has forged a way for you to do this.

Prayer:  I know what the blood of Jesus has done in my life.  I am no longer enslaved to defeat because the blood of Jesus has broken my bonds and therefore I joyfully burst into freedom.  Freedom to smile and experience true joy.  I do this not only for myself but for all those watching.  In the powerful name of Jesus I thankfully receive His abundance and liberty.

How will you respond?

∞When you have powerless thoughts, immediately reject Satan’s lies. Verbally respond by saying, “Get away from me Satan. You have no place in my redeemed life. I am in Christ and Christ is in me.  I am no longer enslaved to defeat.”  Encourage yourself to smile when you feel your emotions suggesting you have no reason to.  It is a lie; choose to see the Truth instead.  Truth is absolutely, all encompassing, completely overwhelming… JOYFUL!

∞Write today’s Scripture verse on a 3×5 card and 1) Commit it to memory, 2) Believe it, 3) Repeat it often.

In His grace,