Who Are You By God’s Grace?

“But by God’s grace I am what I am, and His grace toward me was not ineffective.”                                                 1 Corinthians 15:10a

Greetings fellowing sojourning DIVAs!  As a child of the Creator, as a daughter of the King, as a taster of the Heavenly gift, we MUST know God’s grace and KNOW it is not ineffective in our lives!  If you find yourself operating under this delusion let this be a flag that you have been deceived.  I tell you, the enemy knows your weak points and will use them along with your flesh nature to try to minimize your effectiveness and your perceived value in the Kingdom of Heaven.  We should not allow this to be so DIVAs.  There is a difference in proclaiming our own righteousness and the righteousness of God!  The righteousness of God tells us who we are in Him and it is by His grace that we are effective!  Let’s not allow our past to cloud our focus, judgment, and ability regarding our present work.  We must place our faith in who we are IN CHRIST and not what mere man says we are or what we think our past dictates who we must be.

If our past dictates what our future will be then what does that say about our salvation?  Doesn’t our salvation give us a new future?  Salvation trumps all sin ‘cards’ you once held in your hand.  If you believe this, then push full-throttle into the life you have been given in Christ.  The covenant He made with you and me means we live the life He says we have been given not the life someone else (or ourselves) says we are destined to live.  If we put our focus on man instead of God we will believe what man says and the work we do will end up matching that belief.  If we put our focus on God and persevere in the work HE lays before us we will surprise even ourselves.

Have you ever consider the way you continually talk about your inability is an insult to your Creator?  Do we do this to sound humble before men or maybe it just tumbles out of our mouth because we feel slighted by God on account of our thinking He has overlooked us?  I have heard many times that saying “I am a saint” is outrageously boastful and farfetched.  Not making this claim in the earshot of man may on the surface to appear humble but stating this claim before God is careless.  Is it possible for God to save you for eternity but unable to sanctify you here on earth?  Is this a work beyond His ability?  Preposterous!  Is it an attitude of defiance on our part?  As the verse in Corinthians indicates, it is by God’s grace that you are what you are and His grace towards you is NOT ineffective.  His grace towards you is in regards to all things and, is not limited to salvation.

Search your heart.  Which relationship do you discern is most important to you?  Is it more important that you strive to be in right relationship with God or with His creation (spouse, children, parents, friends)?  His creation has not given you the gift of salvation nor has the ability to make you a saint through sanctification but are we acting as if we ‘owe it all’ to someone other than Him?  What do our actions reveal?  Is it not God that mercifully allows our heart to even continue to beat?  We must be careful that we do not sloppily misplace our gratitude.

Who are you by God’s grace?  A righteous saint with an important purpose in the kingdom of Heaven right now.  His grace towards you is NOT ineffective.  Stand boldly DIVAs, and keep your eyes on Jesus.

by His grace alone,


2 Comments on “Who Are You By God’s Grace?”

  1. Amanda, when you said that the way we talk continually about our inability is an insult to God it seemed to slap me in the face. I find myself falling into that trap at times but not as often as I used to, thank the Lord! By His grace I am growing and learning and able to talk about my abilities through the Holy Spirit more and more. God has given us so much and when we dwell on that truth we have to realize that He could never be ineffective in our lives!

  2. Lord thank You for Your grace. Thank You for Your complete work on the Cross. By and through Your grace we have been completely equipped to live godly lives. Give us the courage to walk in that grace, being the saints You sanctified us to be, fulfilling Your purposes for us in our lives.

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