For All The Helpers Out There…

Greetings all!  I recently scanned an article written by an accomplished Speech and Debater, Isaiah McPeak.  His comments regarding characteristics of ‘helpers’ was particularly interesting in light of our studying the Spiritual gift of ‘helps’.  As a mom of 4 kids that participate in debate, I find I am always in awe of experienced debaters who help by giving their research to a novice or even when they help by providing advice on how someone else can improve their skills (surprised because this can be a highly competitive environment).  All this even if  it means they have ‘given away their ‘secrets’ to an opponent.  The ONLY motivation to do such a thing is that they care to help someone not as advanced as they are so that they have an opportunity to learn and do better. The people best at helping seem to be those who have experienced being helped by a ‘champion’ when they themselves were considered a ‘novice’.   This particular group of debaters practice their debate skills on a variety of topics in order to train themselves in the skills of 1) presentation, 2) critical thinking, and 3) research.  And they do it in an environment that values honorable competition as well as cultivating maturity, wisdom, grace, and poise; all to bring glory to Jesus Christ.   The majority of their learning is a direct result of someone helping them in some way.  The foundational reasoning for cultivating these skills is so they will be able to speak to someone about Christ.  Don’t we all want to help someone along so they are ultimately better equipped to serve Christ?   (The ‘champions’ he is referring to below are debaters that win tournaments.  ‘Novice’ is a word referring to a student just starting out in debate and more likely than not does not have a clue what they are doing. smile 🙂 )

So, how does this notion of helping relate to you?  Operating in the Spiritual gift of ‘helper’ is not only a selfless gift but because of the contribution this brings to others, someone else is able to do things they never would have been able to do if the ‘helper’ had not contributed.  Amen!! Someone on the receiving end of this will be wise to never forget this.  Someone on the giving end of this will be wise to never withhold what you have been gifted to give.

                                                                                                                                                                     Helper (Excerpt from Ethos Publications, Isaiah McPeak)

“Lifelong champions help others. They don’t take take take, they give give give. They were surprised, then, to realize that in openly sharing info with novices, investing time with them, possibly partnering with them, was a better teacher than simply acquiring knowledge and not sharing it.”

“Those who never tasted the benefit of helping think this sounds crazy and always will. They’ll be executives negotiating nickels and dimes from every employee, constantly trying to maximize every negotiation, and generally stressed out about getting more of their way than the next guy. The lifelong champion is much more carefree and trusts that investing in people, giving more than receiving, engaging in the world of ideas…”

“Well, let me tell you a quick story. The eventual President of Pixar was one of the only people in the 70s sharing his methods for improving computer animation. Most companies were keeping it a safe-locked secret. He was openly sharing it, even if it meant others competed better (in business, for real dollars), and went to academic conferences sharing and talking about it, and so on.”

“Guess who got found and flown to Lucasfilm to help some guy named George Lucas make computer stuff for some movie called Star Wars. Not the small-minded people, that’s who.”  

How does this excerpt influence you if you are gifted as a ‘helper’ (even if you are not)?   If you operate in the Spiritual gift of helps, you will give of yourself in ways that assist others without a regard to a ‘what’s in it for me’ mentality.  If you see that you can help no matter what form that might take, you do it.  The big picture is what you see.  You see how you can make a difference in individual lives and while you are at it you rebuke the lies the enemy throws your way regarding ‘what’s in it for you?’  Why are you able to do this?  Because you have the Spirit of the living God directing your sails and the turbulent winds that try to blow from the pit of hell will not cause you to capsize.  Be bold ‘helpers’.  The world needs the help that the Spirit in you is directing you to provide.  You are much needed and valued.

How about if you and I try our best to remember what Galations 3:3 warns us about.  The Spirit leads us into opportunities initially but then we allow the flesh to take over.  Basically, what was started in the spirit we think we are better off finishing in the flesh.  Not so sweet things.  Every one of us will be tempted to allow it to happen but let’s wise up to the Spirit’s warning.  Whatever Spiritual gifting we operate in let’s continue persisting in it to completion in the realm of the Spirit and not allow ours or any one else’s fleshly influence to get in the way for a minute.  The Spirit of God is a helper, as it is one of the gifts He shares with us.  So, let’s lean into God for His power to help us succeed and anticipate that He will!  Who can you offer your help to today?

In His grace,


P.S. ~ If anyone is willing to share in a ‘comment’ how they helped someone we would be blessed to hear!

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