A Privilege to Serve

“He has given us the privilege, since we have been rescued from our enemies’ clutches, to serve Him without fear in holiness and righteousness in His presence all our days.”  

Luke 1:73b-75

These are powerful statements:

(1) He has given us the privilege

We do not serve God out of obligation, because we have nothing better to do, or because it feeds our ego.  It is nothing but a privilege to worship God by serving His people!  That He would allow us to pour out to the church what He has graciously entrusted to us in order to achieve unity in the faith is a mind blowing privilege.

(2) We have been rescued from our enemies’ clutches

Jesus Christ Himself sprung our trap and put Himself where we belonged. His love for us is immeasurable and we can either sit and stare at the abyss before us and only marvel or we can plunge into the unfathomable waters of His infinite love and discover how deep we can delve.  His pure love for us is what motivated Him to suffer man’s intolerable rejection so that we would know the Father’s unquestionable acceptance.  Love is what rescued us from the enemies’ clutches!  This understanding is the fuel that creates a forest fire of fervent service to Him.

(3) We serve Him without fear in holiness and righteousness

This privilege to serve is not done with an ounce of fear.  We are holy and righteous because of the exchange Christ himself made on the cross.  He took our unholiness (sin) and unrighteousness (not in right standing with God) and gave us His holiness and righteousness.  Therefore, we serve from a powerful position of holiness and righteousness.  This type of service is done faithfully from the spirit and not the flesh.  It is from the spirit that confirms to us that we are holy and righteous before God.  The flesh does not confirm this face but only brings it into question.  The flesh is fearful of having to do it perfectly and without judgment from others which gives us no place to start.  Therefore, we are able to serve Him in the spirit without fear but with full confidence.   Don’t hold back from serving because you are unsure of how it will turn out or afraid it will not be good enough.  The fear that it must be great or I can’t do anything at all mentality of service will leave you immobilized and useless in the Kingdom.  The only fear you should possess is the reverential fear of the Almighty.

(4) We serve in His presence all our days

His word says when two or more are gathered in His name He is among us.  We serve others, He is present.   Amen!  Isn’t the awareness of His presence in our lives what we ultimately are after?  He sees our service, knows our hearts, and honors our devotion.  We will use our strength to serve all of our days under the sun because we are privileged to serve our Rescuer.  Thank you Jesus.

You are Divinely Inspired and Victoriously Anointed.  Let’s go serve and do some good.

In His grace,


One Comment on “A Privilege to Serve”

  1. Lord that we would never believe that You expect us to be perfect to serve You. Thank You that we are in the process of being made perfect through the washing of Your blood, and the renewing of our minds. Rescue us from the mentality that says we must get our acts together to come into Your presence. If that were the case we would never make it. It is only because You have rescued us that we can ever come into Your presence. Thank You that there is nothung we can do, but accept what You have already done. Thank You for Your perfect work on the cross. Work it in me and through me touching lives around me with Your presence in my life.

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