Beautiful Branches


And they will be called righteous trees, planted by the LORD to glorify Him.  Isaiah 61:3b

If you join me in bible study you most definitely recognize this verse.  As I was discussing it with a  friend, I looked up at one of the trees in my yard and was stunned at what the Lord showed me.  Some weeks have past now and we were looking again at the verse in bible study.    If anyone is tempted to think the Lord is dull  they have never taken a ride with Him!

The roots of the tree I am sure we will revisit in a later post.  For now, take a look at the upper part of the trunk.  From the single trunk the tree branches out.  From those large branches you see further branching and so on.  We are part of the righteous tree because it is a planting of the LORD!  It is His work!  Your are a branch of the tree as you participate in praying and fasting.  As you witness and reach out to others to join in prayer, they become the growing branches extending from your branch!  It is a planting by the LORD to bring Him glory!  As you look up at a tree, the beauty is seen in the multitude of the branches.  A tree is rarely beautiful because of only a single branch or two.  Thank you Lord for Your Tuesday DIVA’s!  We are one of many branches on the righteous tree You have planted to bring You glory!

What a beautiful branch you are-


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