The Enticement and Awaiting Trap


“Perhaps God will grant them repentance leading them to the knowledge of the truth. Then they may come to their senses and escape the Devil’s trap, having been captured by him to do his will.”   2 Timothy 2:25-26

Greetings sweet things!  I trust you are dwelling in the unfathomable love of the Lord Jesus Christ because nothing else will do!  Our home happens to be surrounded by many trees and as you know, squirrels love trees.  During the tenure in our home we have had our share of squirrel escapades – including catching and releasing squirrels in other wooded areas as well as nursing a baby back to health.  A few weeks ago we discovered a squirrel had found its way into our attic so we again set out our squirrel trap.  To lure the squirrel into the trap you must put something enticing in the cage they can’t resist or you won’t easily catch what my kids call ‘the hobo’.  For us, peanut butter has enticed nicely so we put in an amount that sure looked to be able to serve the entire squirrel block. If nothing else, it wouldn’t be able to open its mouth to chew for a while because of the enormous helping of peanut butter!  My husband said something during all this that seriously got me musing.  If you want to catch something in a trap you must provide the bait necessary to entice, or the thing you intend to trap will NEVER fall for it.

Satan sets his trap for us daily.  He is clever enough to realize we will never fall for his dishonoring trap unless what he is using to entice us is something we can’t help but fall for.  And we fall for it….over and over and over again.  Why aren’t we wise enough to see it for the trap it really is?  I began getting annoyed with this whole Satan trap business and started thinking…..if our behavior is such that nothing entices us (outside of what God says is ok) then there is no trap of Satan’s we will fall for.  So how do we become victorious in this area?  Comprise a list of triggers that never fail to have the power to compel you to act in ways you regret. Below is a short list of enticing triggers and some typical human nature responses to get you started thinking.

You may be thinking why are these ‘enticing’?  They are enticing because they prick a damaged emotion that only the Lord can heal but instead we have covered it over with our human nature thoughts and the enemy knows this.  When we COVER it instead of EXPOSE it, to the One who is our Mighty Physician, we hinder ourselves from Kingdom purposes because now we are entangled in a ‘trap’ and have made ourselves available for Satan’s unrighteous purposes.  It may start off easy enough with some negative self-talk but if we are not wise we will begin believing what we are hearing and stop hearing and believing God.


When something/someone entices you to be triggered, you begin to have the usual responses that emerge from damaged emotions and you FEEL and THINK those same historical feelings of who you believe you are, and how worthy or unworthy you believe you are destined to be.  This is the trap Satan desires you to fall for.

We want to identify what entices us to be triggered so there is NOTHING the enemy can use to entice us into his trap again.  Now THAT is Victorious Living!  I don’t know about you but that makes me want to skip!

Let’s take this verse and magnify some words to drive the meaning home.  “Then they will come to their senses (return to soberness) and escape the Devil’s trap, having been captured by him to do his will.”  Below are biblical definitions of the words.

trap is a snare.  It implies something unexpected and sudden.  A snare is whatever brings destruction or loss.  The allurements to sin by which the devil holds one bound.  An example is a noose of snares in which animals are entangled and caught.

Being captured is to take alive (make a prisoner of war) to take captive, to catch.

The will is a determination. An active choice, an inclination, desire, or pleasure.  It is what one wishes or has determined shall be done.

By the way, this morning we caught a squirrel in our trap.  We love squirrels (when they are not in our house).  That little thing looks so helpless; trapped with no way out.  Never forget that when your enemy sees you have fallen for his trap he DOES NOT look upon you with compassion.  He means to devour you alive.  Your Father is the One who springs you from that caged trap every time.  Identify your enticing triggers and lay them at the foot of the Cross of Christ.  Sweet thing, you were never fashioned to be caged, you were created to be completely free.screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-6-35-31-am

In His grace,


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