Diabalos’ Aim is to Defame

“Woe to the earth and the sea, for the Devil has come down to you with great fury, because he knows he has a short time.”

 Revelation 12:12

Greetings fellow sojourners!  Are you full of expectancy to receive good things from the Lord today? Let’s anticipate seeing His goodness unfold in our lives.  I was studying this verse and was fascinated with the definitions of the word Devil.  ‘Devil’ here is from the Greek word diabolos which itself is from the word diaballō; meaning to traduce (to expose to shame or blame by means of falsehood and misrepresentation) or defame.  Defame?  Let’s remove the prefix ‘de’ and look at the root word fame.  Fame “is usually thought of as a positive thing such as love, admiration, and people wanting to be like you.   The prefix de- in defame means ‘remove.’  So if someone tries to defame a person, fame — or a good reputation — is taken away.” (dictionary.com)

Our fame exists by virtue of our Rescuer and Deliverer.  Do you recall 1 Peter 1:12 and how angels long to look into the gospel of salvation?  Do you suspect they are bewildered regarding the wonder of God’s radical plan involving the Darling of Heaven to save mere human folk and anointing them to reveal His fame whenever they spoke?

We love hero stories.  One person’s life is tragically in the balance when a hero appears and intervenes to save the helpless.  Sometimes, unfortunately, the hero is not always able to save the helpless and themselves and the hero ends up forfeiting their life.   When we first behold the rescued one, our minds often spin over the admiration of the bold hero who accepted the risk.   To see that end lamentably materialize leaves the gazer with a gaping mouth and a tender heart.  The hero holds the ultimate fame but as a result of the rescue, some of the hero’s fame passes to the saved person.

“And at once his fame spread everywhere throughout all the surrounding region of Galilee.”  Mark 1:28 ESV

The larger example of this is our hero Jesus Christ.  He holds THE crown of fame.  We have fame passed down to us purely because we are the recipients of His audacious rescue.  Diaballo knows this.  He is fully aware of the fame of our name in the heavenlies.  So in the fury of his short time, his aim is to defame.  He minds to follow in line with the definition of defame:  to charge falsely or with malicious intent and to attack the good name and reputation of the recipients of Christ’s rescue.  Why?  In hopes we believe his lies about us trump the truth of Scripture.  His intent is that we are veiled to what the exchange of the Cross provides (forgiveness, healing, righteousness, life, blessing, abundance, glory, acceptance, the new man) so that we neglect to pick up our Swords and defend the positions we hold as the famed saved ones.  He believes if he renders us ineffective by his defamations, he wins the greater portion here on earth.  DIVAs we are Victoriously Anointed to not let this be.

What tactic does Diabolos employ most often?  Fear and unworthiness.  They are the choking grip that immobilize valiant acts of boldly speaking the fame of Jesus and leading others toward their rescue in Him.  DIVAs, (Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed) live up to the fame of your name in the heavenlies.  Jesus Christ died so that you would walk in the powerful fame of HIS name, not in the fear of Diablo’s worn-out claims.  Be bold for Christ!  He is so worth it and so are you.

Satan’s aim is to defame

But our glory comes from God’s story


In His grace,


One Comment on “Diabalos’ Aim is to Defame”

  1. Lord help me to trust You, and boldly live this life You have called me to. That I would declare the fame of Jesus, and give the enemy no room to defame You in my life.
    We defame Jesus when we succumb to the lies the enemy whispers. When we allow his voice to have influence over THE only voice we should be hearing, He is dethroned in our lives, and the glory He intended to radiate from our lives is diminished.
    Give us courage Jesus, fill us with Your Spirit, that we would boldly make you famous on our spheres of influence. Amen

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