Be Tamed In Christ (revisiting a prior message)

Greetings mighty warriors of the living God!

524377553_4cb7cdbdf9_zMost people would agree a tamed horse is a gentle horse. One of the fruits of being yielded to the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) is gentleness. It is God’s will that you are amazingly strong in the Lord yet beautifully gentle in spirit at the same time! This type of gentleness suggest your will has been brought under strict self-control by yielding to His Spirit. How divine….

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Live intentionally victorious DIVAs!

In His grace,


One Comment on “Be Tamed In Christ (revisiting a prior message)”

  1. These are tough questions. Honestly he answers really depend on what state my relationship with God is in. If I am faithfully in His Word, and continually listening for His voice I am much more likely to agree with His Word. It may even be my first response. But if I have distanced myself from Him, my response to a word becomes much more soulish/selfish, and unrighteous. I may hold on to my perceived right to be angry, instead of walking in obedience to His Word to forgive quickly.

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