Apologetics and Prayer

Greetings sweet things!  Just in case I have not told you lately, You bless me!!  Here are two apologetics questions for next week.  Choose one to answer or answer both of you like.  If you were the main speaker last time let’s give someone else an opportunity to test the waters this time.  Thank you all for caring so much and loving each other!

♥  What is your response to the following observation by Noam Chomsky:  “The Bible is probably the most genocidal book in the literary cannon”?

♥  What is your response to the statement:  “The Bible is simply the work of a great conspiracy, where people sought to create a religion of their own”?

You can do it!  When you spend time answering questions like this you build your faith.  Don’t worry about right/wrong answers, we are merely working to build our faith and confidence so that we can reply to someone who might pose statements like these.

Please include your name if you desire to pray and fast with me this next week.  In class I mentioned how I wanted the victorious life of Jesus to be SO alive in us that (1) we can’t help but speak about it, (2) people are moved by the love of Christ in us that it creates a spark in someone else (we don’t require others to create our spark),  (3) the Spirit in us can’t help but be recognized!

Praying blessings of abundant faith, hope, and love over you!  Praying for the jaw-dropping love of Jesus to become ‘viral’ through us!  Can you ACTIVELY show the love of Jesus (sacrificial type of love) throughout your day?  What if we ‘sacrificially‘ demonstrate love towards someone once tomorrow, twice the next day, three times the next, four times the next and so on until it has become a non-stop habit?  Let’s be bold DIVAs!

Let me know if you are in!


**Here are some thought question to consider to help you get started or to aid in your research courtesy of my boys♥!!

(1) Who is Noam Chomsky? What does he believe? Why does he believe the question is true?

~Define genocidal

~Define literary canon

~What parts of the bible are ‘genocidal’?

~Are they really of a genocidal nature or are they stories of hope and mercy for an undeserving people?

~If they are genocidal what is the impact? Does it discredit Christianity?

~Does it really matter?

~What is the impact for us?

~(2)  (Why would the Jewish people display themselves as a sinful, lawbreaking, war losing people if they made up the whole thing?)

~Apostles suffered torture but held on to belief

~ The ‘great conspiracy’ has survived persecution for centuries

~The bible is more reliable than all other works of history of its time

~There were eyewitness accounts that support what the bible says as true. The eyewitnesses were often not supportive of the Bible.

~What is the impact for us?


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