From Stronghold to Victory (Revisiting a Prior Message)

Think of your area of weakness. Give it a name (ex: fear, unloved, bitterness, anger…). Picture this with me. Every time you act out of your area of weakness, you lay a brick down at your feet. You do not have to search for the bricks because your enemy (Satan) happily supplies them. The opportunities are plentiful and the years have accumulated so your bricks may have developed into a wall. Each time you operate out of that weakness and it remains an unconfessed and unrepented act of sin, you place another brick. Do you now find yourself surrounded by a wall that you have constructed with your own hands?…

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“The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer, my God, my mountain where I seek refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.”

Psalm 18:2

In His grace,


2 Comments on “From Stronghold to Victory (Revisiting a Prior Message)”

  1. I love this message especially the part about kicking Satan away and putting a foot on his neck! So many times I seem to forget that Christ has already won the battle and I am victorious in Him. Satan is defeated and I can walk in victory today and everyday, not just sometimes. This has energized my spirit and encouraged me to make God my stronghold and nothing else! Praise His name!

  2. We have been given every spiritual blessing under heaven. Thank you Jesus, You have given us everything we need for victory. We are empowered and equipped. Lord give us the strength and fortitude to crucify our weaknesses, to allow those weak parts of ourselves to die that we may walk forth in your strength. Help us to let go of those things, to be free to be about Your purposes for us. Amen,
    If we hold onto these things, we are limiting His work in us, and therefore we are not as effective in His purposes as we should be. The enemy would love nothing more than for you to be suffocated by anger, bitterness, resentment, fear, or whatever it is that holds you captive. His end game is to make you useless in this world for Gods purposes. He wants to silence your voice. BUT God has given you everything you need for victory. He has not left you to be defeated, He has given you the victory. Do you want it? The enemy can only have what you give him authority to take. Praise God you can take back that authority, you can tear down those walls. Jesus your Savior is a magnificent wrecking ball.

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