How Close Are You Willing to Get? (Revisiting a Prior Message)

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 5.16.08 PMDuring worship some time ago, the Lord presented to me a scene that was unfolding in a large field. In the distance there was an immense burning fire (representing the Lord) similar to a sizable bonfire. The smoke from the fire could be seen from a great distance, sparking the curiosity of a multitude who stopped what they were pursuing and began making their way towards the fire.  Their curiosity demanded that they draw closer to know more. I noticed as the multitude made their approach to the fire, they were wearing several layers of coats (each coat represented an unrepented sin). The people farthest from the fire chose not to remove their many layers because they were under a false assumption that their coats provided the warmth and security they needed. By believing this supposition, it hindered their ability to approach any closer which is why they could only remain at a distance…

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In His grace,


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