The Messiah’s Hearld ~ Part 10

I want to share something exciting with you from the book of Mark. The title of this segment in the Holman bible is, The Messiah’s Herald. Herald indeed! Do you recall from last week’s post regarding the portion concerning the watchmen? God’s watchmen should not only warn people about sin but speak the truth of His Gospel. The good news of the kingdom would be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony (Matthew 24:14). The word ‘proclaimed’ means ‘to herald’ as a public crier. Remember the title for the beginning segment of Mark? The Messiah’s HEARLD.  (Do you realize that what you and I write here is being proclaimed through whatever parts of the world the Lord desires?  Glory!  Outside of the United States, these are the areas I recall seeing readers:  Australia, India, Greece, Spain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, and Egypt.  With this in mind, please don’t hesitate in your commenting – who knows where your proclamation might be heralded!)

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” Mark 1:1

Please take this in and make it stick. The word ‘gospel’ is the Greek word euaggelion. It means ‘good news’ or ‘gospel’. This is not just any sort of good news spoken of here. In classical Greek this word refers to the news of a military victory. One scholar proposes that the most literal translation of the word gospel would be “good news of victory from the battlefield.” (Belief A Theological Commentary on the Bible, William Placher) Is this euaggelion significant to you?

Rewind back to the days when villages battled each other. There were no electronic communication devices available to inform other villages of a victory or to warn them of defeat so they could prepare themselves for the enemy’s advancement. Picture a ‘Paul Revere’ type rider who was responsible for ‘heralding’ the euaggelion to the awaiting villages. This is just what Mark is doing! He is opening His book with the words, “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ”. In other words, “I am not just writing to tell you of the great works of Jesus. I am writing to tell you of great news of a military victory from the battlefield!”

Hallelujah!! There was a great battle between the kingdom of heaven and the forces of darkness. But euaggelion! Mark is informing us of the great news from the battlefield, “victory HAS BEEN secured!”

Here is an example of ‘battle’ in scripture:

“For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.” Ephesians 6:12 The word ‘battle’ here is interesting. It means wresting; a contest between two in which EACH endeavors to THROW the other, and which is decided when the victor is ABLE to hold his opponent down with his hand upon his NECK. (Strongs, my caps.) Wow!!!! The euaggelion is this, the victory has been secured, we just enforce it.

I was told once in the face of assured uncertainty and most certain death, “This is no time to be a shrinking violet!” This phrase typically explains a person who is very shy or modest and does not like to attract attention. She rightly had me figured out. She knew exactly how to handle the situation and obviously knew I did not. Her plan was to give me step-by-step instructions and for me to notify her immediately upon their completion. It worked. To this day I am amazed at the Lord’s graciousness in providing me with her wisdom. So, I lovingly say to you in your battle, “This is no time to be a shrinking violet!”. This is how you wrestle and ‘throw’ your enemy. Know that he is doing all he can to ‘throw’ you off by confusing your mind and complicating your steps (I think he tries to taunt us by belittling us). 1) Know that Euaggelion has been secured by Jesus Christ himself, 2) Stand in confidence as a child of God, 3) Know your Scripture, 3) Repeat identified Scripture over your situation and use as prayer, 4) EXPECT victory! (understand it may not look like what you might expect), 5) Pray, Praise, and LIVE in thanksgiving!

As we are working on getting rid of a bad habit and replacing it with one that brings glory to our Father, we MUST refuse to get discouraged when we are confronted with what our senses might reveal as defeat. PRESS ON. God knows before we do when our ‘wresting match’ with the enemy is coming to a close. Don’t you know that as we stand firm, continue to praise, and repeat Scripture that ‘throws’ our enemy! He expects us to cave, accept defeat and behave as if we are wounded. In the name of our victorious King, let it NOT be so!! Listen for the sound of the spiritual trumpet because the rider Himself is coming soon (Revelation 19:11) and I know you so desire to be found ready (Revelation 19:7) and full of faith (Luke 18:8). Glory!!

Heads up sweet things, enforce your victory your King has secured for you and spiritually THROW your bad habit in the face of your foe. While your are at it, put your hand on his NECK for the final blow. DO NOT GIVE UP. The goal is to be standing on solid foundation because make no mistake, your false one WILL be shaken.

THIS is about victory. If you are in Christ, you share in His victory, but you must enforce it in your life. Isn’t this the bottom line of the entirety of Scripture? Victory? What’s more, this is not just about your victory it is about you bringing others to know their victory!! It is TIME to stand on the true foundation. You WILL throw down your bad habit and you will move in it as a testimony that others can be victorious as well. AMEN!!! Times are upon us sweet thing. Learn to be victorious over the flesh so that you are ready to reign with Jesus in heaven (Revelation 20:6).

Are you prepared to be a watchman in your generation and share the euaggelion while your feet are planted on the solid foundation? As a Christ-follower, you are well suited for the task.
In His grace,

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