Be Refreshed

The Creator and Sustainer of the universe intended for His creation to need refreshing. The definition of refreshing means having the POWER to restore freshness, vitality, and energy. Do you have the desire for some powerfully authentic refreshing in your life today?

I would like you to consider that WHERE you are planted has everything to do with what you will turn to or seek out for your refreshing. The Lord God PLANTED a garden in Eden (Gen. 2:8). He intended the roots from what he planted to stretch deep down to get refreshed from the river he also placed in Eden. (Genesis 2:10). Let’s look at the roots of a tree for an example. If a tree has shallow roots and is not planted near a source of water, then when the TRIAL of heat or drought comes the tree will wither until it receives the refreshing its roots crave. What about you? Are you planted in the Lord? Do your roots go down deep to receive the only refreshing that will satisfy your thirsty soul or are your roots shallow so when the heat of the trial comes you are so desperate you seek out whatever will bring immediate relief to your thirst?…

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Be blessed and refreshed in worship!


In His grace,

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