Be Tamed In Christ

Greetings mighty warriors of the living God!

If you join me for bible study you will recall we briefly compared the differences between the wild and the tamed horse. Shall we revisit it and prayerfully consider the application in our lives? Most people would agree a tamed horse is a gentle horse. One of the fruits of being yielded to the Spirit (Gal. 5:22) is gentleness. It is God’s will that you are amazingly strong in the Lord yet beautifully gentle in spirit at the same time! This type of gentleness suggest your will has been brought under strict self-control by yielding to His Spirit. How divine. There is a precious DIVA (Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed) in our group who makes her living working with horses and with people who desire to learn to ride them. She mentioned that the horse suitable for riding has been tamed (broken) and has been brought under the rider’s command because the horse trust the rider. Do you trust the gentle Master in all areas of your life enough to bring your stubborn will under His complete authority, like the tamed horse? (As you know, His will for your life has been clearly laid out in Scripture.)

Have you ever witnessed wild horses or seen a video of them? What comes to mind? A wild horse has limited uses; it ultimately does what it wants and is driven to be its own master. The tamed horse retains all its magnificent power and gorgeous beauty yet has been skillfully brought under the loving control of its master which makes it perfectly suitable for us. Because of this, these impressive creatures have become adored, trusted, and wildly admired. What about you? Do you sense the Lord evaluating your character as one that needs to be tamed, or one that is suitable to receive the slightest command from the most trusted and adored Master, which always makes you available for His Kingdom purposes? Hallelujah!

If your will (character) is ‘wild’ what action would be required to make the necessary modification to be perfectly suitable for the most magnificent Master? Are you willing to do what it takes?

Here are two questions you might want to consider. (1) When you agree with the Word of God what does that stir? Answer: The Spirit residing in you. Do you understand the effects of that? (2) When you agree with the word that originates from the flesh what does that stir?   Answer: ______________ . Which ‘word’ do you find yourself most commonly agreeing with? Remember, when we agree with a ‘word’ we repeat it – either with the voice of our mouth or with the voice in our head. Live intentionally victorious DIVAs!

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In His grace,

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