My Baptism Testimony

Greetings all!  I was recently invited to share my baptism testimony so I thought I would share it here as well.  I pray it blesses someone!

My baptism testimony may be far from what you are accustomed to hearing or expecting but it will hold the most vital and common thread as other baptism testimonies because it pertains to obedience. Before you begin reading I would like to make it abundantly clear that the people I write about in this testimony could be you or me any day of the week. God is sovereign and uses us to be participants on both sides of circumstances for His ultimate glory and He does so however He sees fit. I am thankful.

If you have hiked this Christian journey for long you have probably discovered that being a disciple of Christ is not about prioritizing your emotional needs nor is it about securing your earthly comfort. The priority call is about being obedient to God and His word regardless of your emotion or convenience, come what may.

I was baptized as a child but was unsure if it had been as a result of my saying yes to Christ or yes to my parents. I knew I personally needed to make the decision to say yes to the Lord by being in agreement with Him and acting in obedience to His word and not because someone else had decided for me. What I did not know was the resolve it would require on my part to not submit to the overwhelming distractions that surprisingly presented themselves and to stand firmly resolute in my decision to be obedient to God. There is no doubt He helped me when I felt attacked by the enemy’s fiery darts and He will help you as well. God loves you. Trust Him.

While I attended the baptism candidate meeting my husband stayed home with our small children and planned to meet me at church with them before the service began. While waiting for him to arrive I walked around thanking the Lord from a heart full of anticipation of what was about to transpire when someone approached me and said he had a word for me. I was excited and anticipated it to be a good word because I was being obedient to the Lord and therefore assumed the outcome. I was blindsided because I never expected he would say what he did. I absolutely could not relate to what he said and even questioned if he might have me confused with someone else. My thoughts were things like, “Didn’t he know I was going to be baptized? Why would someone say something like that minutes before the service would begin? I was wearing the purple shirt and all!” He insisted he was correct in what he said and persisted with the scolding. As a result, I walked away feeling downhearted and muddled.

Minutes later all the baptism candidates were called to the stage as everyone worshiped the Lord in song. As I stood there still stunned and wondering what really had just happened I glanced around at the baptism candidates and couldn’t help but notice their joy. I seemed so out of sorts and felt as if I did not fit in and contemplated if maybe I should try another time. I noticed my husband had entered the sanctuary and he seemed peaked. He has life-threatening brain bleeds and has had 2 brain surgeries as a result. I can always tell something is seriously wrong by the way his eyes appear. As I approached him I immediately observed something was amiss. He informed me that as he was carrying our youngest he tripped and fell down the stairs. In his effort to protect her, he hit his head several times on the steps as they fell. My husband is not the sort of person that falls down stairs. We discussed leaving and going to the hospital and I wondered again why all this was happening at this particular time. As I walked around trying to sort it all out and if I should leave or push through, Kim approached me and asked what was wrong. I toughened up and said I was fine. She obviously had a fine-tuned hooey gauge and I am sure it was indicating something was not right. She prayed with me and informed me that I absolutely should go through with the baptism. I looked over at my husband and he indicated he would be ok and not to worry.

The baptism would be held indoors so all the baptism candidates made their way into the respective bathrooms which fed into the baptistry. While finally feeling in a position to get my thinking straight and pray thankful prayers to the Lord, my thoughts were distracted by conversations people were having while in line. They were talking and laughing about all manner of things that would not be expected to be heard in this environment and I found myself becoming distressed again. I remember I kept thinking everything is so wrong, so, so, wrong. I began seriously questioning whether this was the right time for me to be baptized because, in my opinion, I was feeling quite emotionally unfit for such an event. A very compassionate lady who was in charge of getting everyone ready to enter the water apparently detected my distress and encouraged me to keep going. Among others things, she said no one had ever given up and not gone through with baptism. My troubled mind thought, “Good grief, not only am I suffering such a trial at a time when I thought I should be having an incredible experience but now I am going to be the first in World Outreach Church history to not go through with baptism!” What I did not recognize at the time was I was experiencing a spiritual attack.

Before I could give it any more thought the door opened and it was my turn. I entered the water and Pastor Allen asked me if there was anything I wanted to say. Perhaps he said that to everyone or maybe he said it just to me because he could detect my apprehension. I responded with, “I’m good, I’m good.” No telling how many times I said it because he answered with, “I believe you.” I was quite sure his hooey gauge was also indicating something was awry but I thought, “What could be said at that point?”

I was baptized and as soon as I rose out of those baptism waters I can testify that I was freed from all the enemy’s harassment that occurred that afternoon. I now understood there had been a spiritual battle waging around me.

When the service was over and I was in the parking lot, I raised my tightly clenched fist and spoke to my spiritual enemy saying, “You knew there was something to this. You KNEW! THAT is why you did not want me to go through with this! Because you KNEW the importance of my obedience!” I no longer felt sad or confused. Everything was clear and I felt empowered. If we can suffer in our testing without losing faith and maintain a thankful heart we can become more and more like Jesus every day (Hebrews 5:8).

Beloved, you are deeply loved by God. You will face a multitude of hurdles during your time under the sun but never forget that God is for you. We have an enemy. He is real, he is clever, and he is relentless. But be of good cheer! Jesus has secured the victory and IN HIM you are not a victim but a victor! Be prepared to take your place as a warrior in the army of the living God. You have a great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1) cheering you on so be disciplined, persevere, and stand strong. Do not allow your age, your station in life, the current condition of your heart, or any other barrier to keep you from being obedient to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You will be blessed by your obedience. Be bold for the cause of Christ and be sure to encourage someone else towards their obedience in the Lord as well. You may be the next one the Lord uses to stop and pray for someone needing strength to persevere. You can do it!

So don’t delay! Get up and be baptized and wash away your sins by calling on His name.
(Acts 22:16)

I would love to hear your baptism testimony!

In His grace,