Got Faith? (Week 7)


Greetings fellow sojourners!  Oh, how I have missed my Bible study group these last few weeks!  I pray this stretch of time was of great joy for you and that you were able to nestle into the Peace ONLY Jesus can offer.

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions but as we have entered this new year let’s be absolutely resolute as we turn the calendar and face new blessings as well as challenges that we do it with a bold and ardent determination to be salt and light in this generation for which we have been called.

I would like to challenge you, as I am myself, to do two things and to stick with it until you see the faithfulness of God in that specific area.  As we do so, let’s remember that God does not always answer our prayers of faith in the exact manner in which we have requested but know you are highly regarded by God and He DOES answer!  By faith we know He is Omnipotence (all-powerful), Omniscience (all-knowing), and Omnipresence (everywhere at the same time).  It is only He that knows what we truly need and what is best for us because He sees the beginning and the end and what it is we require for our sanctification.  During this time we are going to keep our eyes of faith peeled for His tender involvement in our circumstances and be ready to respond with thankful praise.

Firstly, consider your deepest need.  A need only God Himself can reconcile and construct it into a sentence.  Write it down on something you can always refer back to and pray over.  (For those of you in my Bible study group I will bring a card for you to record your request.)  Mark your calendar the first day you begin to pray and commit to praying each day for 30 days or until the Lord has intervened.  Mark each day off on the calendar to serve only as a reminder to yourself. Continue praying past the 30 days if need be and allow the Lord full access to your heart in the process.

Secondly, you know someone else who’s life would be profoundly affected by witnessing the faithfulness of God in their life.  Pray specifically for someone else as well.

Let’s demonstrate bold faith regarding the One who is faithful sweet things.

(Review the post dated Oct. 24th regarding the weekly schedule for the Fruit of the Spirit. (Thursday we fast and pray.  Friday consider what the Lord reveals to you and repent as the Spirit leads.  Saturday, manifest/be aware of God’s gift of faith in you at least once, Sunday at least twice, and Monday at least three times.)

In His grace,