Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie!

Greetings fellow sojourners!  Yes, it does say “Woooooooooo, Pig! Sooie!”  Sounds crazy to someone who is not from Arkansas (like me, you don’t need to be a UA football fan to know the call 🙂 ), but anyone who has lived in Arkansas for less than a month is well familiar with this ‘call’.  It is something so common to Arkansansans as the Braves tomahawk chop is to Atlanta Braves followers.  You just know the call, right?!

Ok, so what does this have to do with anything anyway??  A few months ago while my family was in Florida, we visited my mom and her friends at Santa Rosa Beach.  As we were looking down the coast they mentioned, “That house down there belongs to Mike Huckabee.” I thought it was so interesting and was curious if they had ever seen him while they were walking along the shore.  They said, “No.”  I guess the answer was not interesting enough for me so I asked if they ever saw him around town or maybe just knocked on his door?  I mean, they were all from Arkansas so why not?! 🙂  Anyway, my mom responded with the funniest thing I have heard her say in years.  She reacted with, “What are we suppose to do when he opens the door?  Say, Wooo, Pig! Sooie?!”  Because we all know that someone from Arkansas can not resist a Razorback call without responding with at least a smile!  I laughed and laughed.  And if I am allowed to say…I find the call quite funny.  At one point in time, there were even videos of me in diapers being taught how to “call the hogs” with a Woooo, Pig! Sooie!   Please don’t tell anyone 🙂 .

I was blessed to hear Mike Huckabee speak at our church a few weeks ago and I appreciated immensely what he had to say.  One of his testimonies related to his wife’s serious neurological diagnosis over 4 decades ago.  I could relate.  My husband also had a serious neurological diagnosis.  His wife recovered after no small amount of effort on either of their parts.  My husband pretty much did the same so I could emotionally relate.  He then shared how he and his wife visited people in the hospital facing similar critical situations hoping to encourage them in the truth and even cry with them if that is what they needed.  On this point, I could not relate.  You see, you have to have had a great deal of healing emotionally and acceptance of what has happened in order to go forth in strength and try to bring encouragement to someone else walking that path ~ and it is not easy.  I realized that night I still to some extent view myself/ourselves as victims of an unfortunate event instead of recipients of the healing power of Almighty God and therefore have a testimony.  Shame on me, I know God better than that!

“They conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not love their lives in the face of death.”  Revelation 12:11

Mike Huckabee spoke of his testimony in order to say that in his experience, God allows us to suffer trials at times in order to bring us to an alternate path He desires us to walk.  He explained that what we might call disappointments, God might call a detour.   I guess I never choose to look at that time in our life as a detour or even a disappointment but only as a horrendous nightmare.  Mike Huckabee encouraged me to look at that ‘detour’ instead of as a thief but as a different path which still leads to victory.  It felt good.  I could relate!  Right there in the middle of service, I wanted to shout “Woo, Pig! Sooie!”!  Yes, I really did.  If it would not have been disrespectful maybe I would have.  My mom has suffered an indelible loss recently and to be able to laugh with her about the absurdity of knocking on Mike Huckabee’s door and greeting him with a “Woooo, Pig! Soooie! was just what my heart needed.  So yes, in my heart I cried the ‘call’ because I could relate and I hoped one day she could relate.  And it will take the loving, grace-filled power of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, just like it has in all of our lives.  I could be wrong, but I bet if I had cried out Woo, Pig! Sooie! it would have made him smile.  Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for making me smile at something I never thought I would be able to.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us the strength to smile at dreadful memories because we know deep in our hearts that events the enemy hopes will indelibly harm us, You intend to turn it around for our good.  I think the rest of that verse (Ge. 50:20) is intriguing. “To  accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”  Have you ever considered one of your trials was meant to be shared as a testimony in order to help save someone else through your encouragement and the sharing of the Truth?  Count on it.  Let’s not keep the victory in our trials so secret, someone needs to hear it.

So here is your challenge.  Do you have something you have been labeling as a fear, a pain, a setback, a disappointment, a _________, that is past time to turn into a testimony that will do some good for someone needing encouragement?  Maybe even help ‘save their life’ as they know it now?  Allow God to turn your pain into gain ~ for you and someone else.  Can you relate?

In His grace,


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