Jesus Meets Us Where We Are

Greetings sojourning DIVAs!  So blessed to serve you with an edifying word that hopefully meets you right where you are in this beautifully blessed season of your life!  The more I have an opportunity to talk with people the more I am convinced we must have the transforming power of Scripture fervently tucked away in our heart and ready to graciously spill out to edify someone else at a moments notice as God gives the opportunity. Do you make it a point in your life to memorize God’s amazingly powerful Word in order to share and expound with someone who needs that sweet refreshing?  We are blessed to be a blessing!  We don’t need to act weird or awkward when communicating what the truth of Scripture means to us and how it has positively influenced our lives to the unrelenting glory of God.  A life lived out in this truth, always courageously ready to share how the word made flesh has miraculously impacted your life for the good is what people need most in this amazingly unhinged world.  Do you agree?  Satan may very well be the prince of this world but his kingdom contains nothing more than rusty gates, broken shackles, and light where deep darkness once was for those that have allowed Jesus, the most beautiful thing your eyes will ever behold, to take over your heart and cause it to dazzle.

Do you recall where you were when you first heard the magnificent Word spoken to you and the power it displayed in that person’s life that you wanted to experience the revolutionary transformation for yourself?  Well sweet thing, the baton has been passed to you and the beauty of the Lord radiating throughout your life is being observed by a multitude.  Keep looking for someone to pass sweet Jesus to.  The word made flesh met you right where you were in that season of your life and has had a lasting impact on you.  Let’s not expect people to come where we are and hope Jesus to meet them there.  Jesus goes to the depths of each hurting person’s soul and meets them right where they are.  We experience different trials and journey at different paces.  Forgive us Lord for being so prideful that we expect everyone to be right where we are and judging them as less because they are not at our level.  We recall the depths from which you have pulled us and we will honor the faith walk of others as they are pulled from their depths at Your own sweet precious time.  Let’s go to the trenches sweet things and retrieve some hurting souls.  Why?  Because Jesus gladly goes to the trenches and pits regularly to retrieve His lost sheep.  Are you willing to go ahead of Him and shine His light in those dark places?

Sweet thing, there is someone needing to know Jesus at the place they are.  Look around you with the unsurpassed incredible mercy that is found only in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and introduce them to the love of your life.

In the outlandish mercy of Christ,


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