The Cost of Fear

“For you did not receive a spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry out, “ Abba, Father!” The Spirit Himself testifies together with our spirit that we are God’s children.”  Romans 8:15-16a

Glory to God in Heaven for that!  A spirit of slavery gives us fear.  The Spirit of adoption gives us the Father.  The Spirit of God testifies with our spirit that it is true!  We should not allow fear to harass us.

Fear is a learned emotion.  There is also an unlearned component of fear that is an automatic response enabling us to properly identify and escape danger.  Psychologist label this automatic response to fear as ‘fight or flight’.  The problem is most of the time when our ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered it is a miscue because our emotions have improperly identified something as fearful.  What we unfortunately have learned to fear is not Godly fear but the kind of fear which operates in the Devil’s domain.

Rarely is there a need for the multitude of responses our body gears up for in the ‘fight or flight’ scenario such as rapid heart rate and increased blood pressure, diverted blood, increased blood-glucose levels, muscle tension, nonessential systems shutting down to allow energy to be diverted elsewhere, and don’t even think about trying to focus on anything else. All of this because of a miscue.  99% of the time the only bodily response we really need in the face of fear is prayer.

The part of the brain that initiates the ‘fight or flight’ response can’t distinguish between a real threat and a perceived threat, or what I am calling a miscue.  Think of the things in your life that provoke you to fear.  The following are some examples.  Allow the Spirit to bring to your mind what truly causes you to be fearful so they come out of hiding and into the light of His healing.  At the Cross of Christ exchange your fears for His powerful peace.

Being alone, a diagnosis, lack, rejection, potential for pain, the unknown, aging, failure, embarrassment…

Fear is an outworking of the flesh and has a cost.  Trust is a dependence on God and has a benefit.  We are continuously presented with cues throughout our day and we get to choose how to respond to them.  We do not have to be puppets to our emotions.  The condition of our heart is what will drive our emotions.  If your heart is joyful and secure in the Lord, fear of things that threaten the flesh (including heart and mind) will not overtake your emotions.  We are spirit with flesh and blood – not flesh and blood with a spirit.  We get to tell our emotions how to respond.  We get to depend on God for a remedy for all our emotional baggage.  All of it.


DIVA (Divinely Inspired Victoriously Anointed), we have the brilliant anointing of God therefore we must live by the cues of the Spirit not by the miscues of the flesh.  Fear tries to reside in our thoughts relating to the future.  It generally is a product of our imagination miscuing us to fear things that do not exist and may never exist.  GOD IS REAL AND HE IS YOUR FUTURE.  We must stop believing the lies of the enemy that our future consists of a bundle of fearful things.  It is nothing but a lie.

So what is the cost of fear?  The definition of cost is ‘to require a payment (something of value) in an exchange. (  You give up the promises of God in exchange for the lies of the enemy.  The enemy comes out ahead and it has cost you dearly.  Are you willing to give up what it costs?


So, we can (1) Forget Everything And Run or we can (2) Face Everything and Rise.  Do you want to allow the enemy to cause you to Run away from the ground God has given you or do you want to Rise up and defend who God says you are – The Child of the King.  The King owns the ground.  He has empowered you to defend the ground He has entrusted you to guard.  Guard every inch of your emotions.  Let a red flag wave if fear creeps into your heart.  It is a signal to Rise another level in trust with God.  It is not condemnation it is an opportunity.

We are told Jesus has conquered the world.   That means He has conquered all things that threaten our peace. He is working things through and sometimes those trials give the appearance of something fearful.  Trust him completely because He has already seen the entire picture – beginning to end.  We see in part and that part may indeed appear fearful at times.  If a mechanic took apart your entire engine to repair it and you saw it scattered in pieces around the ground you might be prompted to fear if you did not trust him to fit it back together again.  Fellow believer, He knows how all pieces fit.


We have to let the Spirit of God and His written word be our ‘filter’ for all our sensory perceptions in order for us to be able to respond in Godly ways and to keep ourselves healthy.  Let’s stop paying the high cost of fear and let’s instead choose to live freely in truth by His noble grace.  Amen. By the shed blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth you are:



It is time to say NO to fear.  You have been a back-stabbing friend to us far too long.  You are Divinely Inspired.  Your inspired thoughts are of the things of God not the debilitating cues of the enemy.

In His noble grace,