How Do You Respond?

“To what should I compare this generation? It’s like children sitting in the marketplaces who call out to each other: We played the flute for you, but you didn’t dance; we sang a lament, but you didn’t mourn!”  Matthew 11:16-17

The caption over this portion of Scripture is An Unresponsive Generation and the one speaking is Jesus.  He described this unresponsive generation as one that hears good news but does not celebrate and one that hears bad news and does not grieve.  When was the last time you heard good news regarding the Kingdom of God?  What did you do when you heard it?  Fellow Believers, let’s not be out of sync with the biblical season we are in.  Shall we turn our hearts to the things that Jesus loves and our backs to the things He hates?  When you hear a good word concerning God’s people or the Kingdom does it FILL your heart with joy?  Upon hearing of tribulations does your heart bemoan?  I have included a good word given us by one of our church pastors.  I pray it FILLS your heart with joy today!

A Word of Encouragement given by the Lord to Malcolm Hedding for all Christians:

On the morning of the 20th October at 4:30 I was awakened suddenly and experienced these words flooding my mind and heart. I cannot quite describe it as it was as if I was detached from them and was gazing at them as they rolled by in front of me. Still more amazing was the fact that they were etched on my memory immediately meaning that I could write them down some hours later word for word. That evening at the final plenary event of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, I declared them over the assembled delegates. Scripture states that a prophetic word should be tested so I share this with you for your testing. I personally believe that Jesus gave me these prophetic insights. So, here they are:

“I say unto you, a great darkness, indeed a thick and heavy darkness, is coming upon the earth …….but, I will give you light, a light that will penetrate the darkness and overcome it. Be not afraid because this will be an hour of testing for many in My Church, and even one of persecution, but be faithful in your sufferings for I have overcome the world. Truly those whom I call to walk this road share in the fellowship of My sufferings. This My people is a privilege!

Moreover, a great light will come from My throne upon Israel. Those who have despised My people will be put to shame, says the Lord. But you will rejoice because you have been faithful to me for them. Therefore, for you who have borne My name, a great joy will flood your hearts, indeed a joy that will rise up within you like a great tidal wave. It will be your strength, it will give you courage and it will fill your hearts with peace.

Above all know this, I am coming quickly, yes I am coming quickly and my reward is with Me and therefore hold fast what you have. Moreover, lift up your heads heavenward for I stand at heaven’s door and shortly it will open and I will come forth with great glory and, as My feet stand upon the Mount of Olives, I tell you, My glory will fill the whole earth.

Go forth then with joy and have in your hearts this blessed hope!

Malcolm Hedding

We are told in Philippians 4:6-9 not to worry about anything.  We are to pray in all things with a thankful heart and in doing so, God’s peace will surpass our every thought.   Whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, morally excellent and praise worthy — dwell on these things.  If we are dwelling on every ounce of goodness this leaves NO ROOM for dwelling on harmful thoughts.   Amen.

“Indeed, the Lord God does nothing without revealing His counsel to His servants the prophets. A lion has roared; who will not fear?  The Lord God has spoken; who will not prophesy?” (Amos 3:7-8)  Friends, listen for the roar of the Lion.  Let it drown out every other white noise around you.  Psssst….Jesus is coming soon!  Be joyful and pass it on!

In His grace,