Charisma ~ The Spiritual Gifts (Part 4)

The Compassion of Healing

Have you ever thought of the gift of healing as Jesus’ compassionate ministry to a people in need? Almost all of Jesus’s recorded time was spent healing the sick. His first instruction to His disciples was, “Heal the sick!” (Matthew 10:8) Gifts of healing is probably the most widely accepted of the nine gifts of the Spirit today (1 Co 12:7-11). Why? Because most people see a need for supernatural healing which restores people to wholeness. Healing can be manifested when there is an atmosphere for healing in which many are made whole at the same time or at the individual level as the Spirit guides.

You might have wondered what the Father’s will is regarding your healing. “For I am Yahweh who heals you.” (Exodus 15:25) “I will remove illnesses from you.” (Exodus 23:24) “He heals all your diseases.” (Psalm 103:3) His will is for you to be made whole. This may require a process in getting there – but it is His will. Jesus is our deliverer and only does the will of the Father. There are three scenarios in which we will experience His deliverance. (1) He will deliver us from the illness and we will escape the trial. (2) He will deliver us through the illness. In this case, we walk through the trial but are healed in the process because of his sovereign plan to strengthen us (or someone around us that He plans to strengthen by observing us). The last scenario (3) is that he will deliver us into the Kingdom.

First, we recognize that healing comes through faith in the Lord. (Matthew 9:22, 29) Sometimes the illness is too great and the person is too weak to exercise their own faith for healing. When this happens a person can be healed through another’s faith. (Mark 2:3-5) Healing can also come from the combined faith of the sick person and the one offering a prayer by faith in the name of Jesus. (Mark 5:25-35) Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8) Whatever He taught yesterday, He teaches today and will continue to teach. The words He speaks are eternal.

Years ago when I first began attending bible study I listened to a leader speak of an experience they were a part of a short time earlier. They shared that towards the end of their bible study gathering there was a call for prayer request. A blind man was in attendance and he requested a prayer for healing. The group prayed for him and his sight was restored! Praise God! Can you hear the shouts of praise! As I listened to the story it was all I could do to stay in my chair. The story was amazing and I praised God quietly at the edge of my seat! What was stunning was the person telling the story spoke as if the healing was really no big deal. As they went on, however, the person then began to show real excitement. During weekend services at the church, he was allowed to present himself as healed and speak to the group. As a result of this, many confessed Jesus and received salvation. As I sat and listened I fully understood why the person had an abundance of enthusiasm for the people receiving salvation but I still did not understand why there was no expressed emotion for the man’s recovered sight. It was some time later I thought about the incident again and understood (of course they were excited for the man but the bigger picture was the multitude). When Jesus is involved there is always more than one who benefits! It indeed was a fabulous thing for the man to receive his sight – thank you Lord! But, what a grander thing indeed that through this manifestation of healing many received the gift of salvation – Hallelujah indeed!

How about another account of someone miraculously receiving their sight? As Jesus left the temple complex he past by a man who had been blind since birth. Jesus told the disciples that the man did not have his sight so that the works of God may be glorified. Jesus spit on the ground, made some mud from the saliva and then spread the mud on the blind eye. ♥John 9:7 “________”, He told him, “___________ in the pool of __________________.” So he ____________, _______________, and came back _________________. The flower below is an actual flower that grows in this same pool of Siloam spoken of in this verse. The song included below is called Healer. Be blessed.

Some years ago I had a pointy bone begin to protrude under my ankle bone. I was evaluated by a specialist who informed me there was absolutely nothing that could be done about the bone aside from surgery. No medication was available and it would not heal on its own. Since surgery would not be immediately required, I decided I would lay my hand on the bone every morning and ask for healing from the Lord. As the days turned into weeks, my faith increased concerning the healing. As the days progressed I wondered if the protruding bone was getting smaller. One morning I put my hand on the bone, as I had done for weeks, and it was gone! In my confusion I thought, “was it the other ankle?” I searched the other and could not find any difference between both my ankles. Thank you Lord! About six months later however, the bone began to protrude from my ankle again. I looked at the bone and thought “I don’t think so. If you can be prayed away once you can be prayed away again.” I immediately began to pray for healing over my ankle and again the protrusion slowly began to disappear. Praise God and to this day it has not returned! Hallelujah!

♥Thank you Lord for Your great compassion towards me. Thank you for sacrificing yourself so that I may be saved. You settled all accounts when I was purchased out of the hand of the enemy by your own blood, therefore I am your treasured possession. Teach me everything you desire for me to know about your great compassion of healing. If you desire for me to pray for the healing of someone in need give me your faith and the courage to not pass them by. Show me if I need to address something in my own life to receive healing. I desire to do anything You have called me to do in this life. I am your child and choose to walk in no one else’s footsteps but yours. You alone are worthy of great praise and honor and I choose to serve your other treasured possessions through the power of your Holy Spirt! Amen!

♥Isaiah 57:18-21 “I have seen his ways, but I will ________________ him; I will ____________ him and ________________ _____________________ to him and his mourners, creating words of ______________________”. The LORD says, “Peace, peace to the one who is far or near, and I will ___________________ him. But the wicked are like the _____________________ sea, for it cannot be ___________________, and its waters _______________ up _____________ and ________________. There is no _____________ for the wicked.” says my God. (Holman) God, through His grace promises to heal. Do you find it interesting that the Lord says He will heal His people and give them peace but then right after He says the wicked are like the storm-tossed sea, cannot be still, churn up undesirable things, and have no peace? Do you ever feel storm-tossed on the inside? Do you long for peace and healing? Just as Jesus rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Silence! Be still!” and there was a great calm, follow the Master and rebuke what is churning your insides and expect a great calm! (See also Psalm 107:29-30, James 1:6, Mark 4:39) Healing and peace. We need them Lord in this storm-tossed world!

♥Jeremiah 17:14 ______________ me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me, and I will be ____________________, for You are my _________________________. (Holman) Shall we all be driven to plead for the Lord’s help because we know He is faithful?  Only the Lord can heal and save.  Do you pray with the confidence of Jeremiah?  Heal me Lord and I WILL be healed!  We praise because we HAVE received.

♥Malachi 4:2 But for you who ______________ My _______________, the sun of righteousness will rise with ___________________________ in its wings, and you will go out and playfully jump like calves from the stall. (Holman) What about the ‘Son” of righteousness? When the sun shines at the highest point in the sky does not all of creation receive the warmth and light? Unless you make efforts to hide yourself, the sun’s rays are available for everyone. The same is true of the Son. In His rays are healing and salvation indeed. Only those that choose to hide themselves from the Son are the ones who do not receive freely. Just as we need to sun’s rays for survival we also need the rays from Son’s light to bring us joy, light, and healing. Once you have received YOU WILL go out boldly, playfully jumping in freedom because you have been set free from the ‘stall’ Amen!

♥Matthew 4:23 Jesus was going all over Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and _____________________ _______________ disease and sickness among the people. (Holman) NO ailment is beyond Jesus’ power to heal! No matter how stubborn or impossible it seems! For His child, nothing is beyond His reach. “Lift up your heads, you gates! Rise up, ancient doors! Then the King of glory will come in. Who is this King of Glory? The LORD, strong and mighty, the LORD, mighty in battle.” (Psalm 24:7-8) Thank you Lord.

♥Matthew 4:24 Then the news about Him spread throughout Syria. _________ they brought to Him ___________ those who were ___________________, those ____________________ from various _____________ and intense ________________, the ________________-___________________, the ______________________, and the _______________________. And He _____________ them. (Holman) What do you think of our God and King that can heal diseases by a word from His mouth? Diseases for which there are not cure! Diseases in which medicine does not seem to touch! That, my friend, is a God that can not be put into a box and labeled. A God that cannot be described with human words. A God that is bigger than what you can imagine. A God that is bigger than you have ever experienced. Look to the skies, look to creation all around you. How big does God have to be to even imagine the intricacies of this entire creation? And when it fails to operate how He intended shall we not be deceived, He is the only One who can reconcile it. We praise you Lord! You ALONE are worthy of glory and praise and honor!

♥Matthew 8:5-7 When He entered Capernaum, a centurion came to Him, pleading with Him, “Lord, my servant is lying at home paralyzed, in terrible agony!” “I will _______________ and _____________ him, ” He told him. Jesus is the Mighty Physician that makes house calls. Will you swing your gate wide and allow the Mighty Physician into your home?

♥Mark 6:13 And they were driving out many demons, ______________ many sick people with _________________________ , and __________________ them. (Holman) The disciples were commissioned by Jesus to go out with His authority and perform these miracles to those in need. As disciples of Christ we have the same authority in His name.   The anointing oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.  The instruction given was a combination of anointing with oil and the offering of prayer.  (The expectation of healing did not come from the oil itself.)  Matthew 10:1 Summoning His 12 disciples, He gave them _____________ over unclean spirits, to drive them out and to ______________ _______________ disease and sickness.

♥Luke 9:11 When the crowds found out, they followed Him. He welcomed them, spoke to them about the ______________________ of ___________, and _________________ those who needed _________________________. (Holman) Even when Jesus needed time alone, He did not turn away those who searched and found Him. He continued to meet their need. Search for Jesus with all your heart, He can be found and will not turn you away.

♥Acts 3:16 By _____________ in His name, His _____________ has made this man _________________, whom you see and know. So the faith that coms through Him has given him this _____________ _________________ in front of all of you. (Holman) Here Peter and John were explaining they were God’s chosen means for bringing healing to the lame man. Do you have faith in the name of Jesus for healing?

♥Acts 14:9-10 After _________________ him closely and seeing that he had _______________ to be healed, Paul said in a loud voice, “Stand upright on your feet!” And he jumped up and started to walk around. (Holman) (Are you seeing a pattern here with ‘jumping’? We do not receive and collapse or decline, we ‘jump’ with the power of the Majesty!) Paul, after first observing that the man indeed had faith to be healed, he then spoke a word of healing to him.  The man with no strength in his legs (because he had never walked) then ‘jumped’ up and started ‘walking’ around! The man had faith to believe for healing and heard the word and was immediately healed. There was no contemplation, no wondering if it was real, and no thought of ‘was it for him’. Do you think he cared what his neighbor thought as he responded to Jesus’ command to “Stand!” Jesus Himself spoke many words to us through the Scriptures. Do you take His words as a command just like this man did? I believe we would see more healing in our midst if we copied this lame man and stood strong.

♥Acts 28:27 For the __________________ of these people have grown callous, their ears are _____________________ of hearing, and they have ________________ their eyes; otherwise they might ____________ with their eyes and __________________ with their heart, and be _____________________, and I would __________________ them. (Holman) This verse was quoted by Paul from the book of Isaiah. Have you made sure your heart is soft, your hears can hear, and your eyes can see? Looks to me like this is a promise. “They might see with their eyes, heart with their ears, understand with their heart, and be converted (repent and turn away from evil), and I would heal them.” Shall today be your day to respond and receive?

♥John 5:2-8 By the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem there is a pool, called Bethesda in Hebrew, which has five colonnades. Within these lay a large number of the sick – blind, lame, and paralyzed (waiting for the moving of the water, because an angel would go down into the pool from time to time and stir up the water. Then the first one who got in after the water was stirred up recovered from whatever ailment he had.) One man was there who had been sick for 38 years. When Jesus saw him lying there and knew he had already been there a long time, He said to him, “Do you _______________ _____ get _________________?” “Sir,” the sick man answered, “I don’t have a pan to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up, but while I’m coming, someone goes down ahead of me.” “________________________,” Jesus told him, “_______________________________________!” _____________________ the man got __________________, picked up his mat, and started to walk. (Holman) Being sick for 38 years is a long time. Would you agree? The man had probably become comfortable with his condition. It was his way of life, his ‘normal’. Can you relate? When Jesus sees us He sees through our facade and straight to the heart of the matter. When Jesus spoke I suppose He also got straight to the point. When he asked the man, “Do you want to get well?”, He already knew the true condition of the man. The answer was, “Sir……” can you hear the impatience? Can you sense the tone of “Why else do you think I am here?” Just like this man, after your long years of discouragement, comfort with your condition, the predictable habit of your days, “Do you really want to get well?” Does your will need to be challenged and encouraged to be different? The man here was waiting for someone else to do the work, to make the first move for him. How about you? Jesus can heal the heart and emotions just as easily as He can heal the physical ailments. If you were asked today, “Do you want to get well?” how would you respond?

♥Romans 8:11 And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead lives in _____________, then He who raised Christ from the deal will _______________ bring your _____________ __________________ to ___________________ through His Spirit who lives in you. (Holman) The indwelling Spirit in the life of the believer is a mark of Christ’s ownership. Let that sink in deep. Past your brain….into your heart. As His possession, does it make sense that He would not want you sick? Every work or trial in our life is to bring about further sanctification. If you are currently sick prayerfully seek the Lord to determine what He desires to bring about in you through this sickness. The Spirit provides life and righteousness. God receives glory through the health of his people. (Psalm 30:9) Hallelujah!

♥James 5:14-15 Is anyone among you ____________? He should call for the elders of the church (leaders of the congregation), and they should ____________ ____________ him after ___________________ (typically by applying olive oil to the forehead) him with ______________________ (oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit) in the name of the _____________. The prayer of _________________ will save (heal) the sick person, and the Lord will ___________________ him to __________________; if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. (Holman) Some time ago when I came across this verse in James 5:13-16. I read it continually and I was fascinated by every word. I wondered if there was a specific “prayer of faith”? It was odd, but I asked every person I came across whom I thought could explain it to me but no one could. So, I took it to the Lord (which was probably His intent anyway) and asked, “What is the prayer of faith?” Several days later my small children were playing with a neighbor’s new puppy. After coming inside I noticed every one of them had itched their eyes and now they were read and puffy. I lined them up and washed each of their eyes with saline. My youngest was last and as I looked at her eyes I noticed a dark mark across the sclera that appeared to be a splinter. I panicked and thought “I can not handle any more illness and disease.” I plainly told the Lord “This is something you must handle.” As I held my daughter’s face in my hands I looked into her eyes and asked, “Heal her eye Lord”. I put her back in line and went back to the first child to apply another round of saline. When I got to the youngest again I took a deep breath, looked into her eyes and saw that the ‘splinter’ was gone! Immediately I knew the Lord had taught me what the prayer of faith was!Simply, it is any prayer offered in faith. Whatever had been in her eye was gone and I knew it would never return – in Jesus name it would not!

Another interesting point in verse 14 is that we are to call for leaders in the congregation to pray over us if we are sick. I think what James meant here is that elders, or church leaders (if in their correct walk with the Lord) should, without question have great faith. If a person is unable to pray with assurance and faith for the sick, they should wait until they can or seek someone else that can pray. Someone who prays without faith can either quench the Spirit or quench the faith in the sick person.

The person who feels led to pray for the sick should first ask the Lord how the prayer should proceed. It would not be surprising if other gifts of the Spirit such as a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom should manifest in this scenario. Knowledge and wisdom is beneficial here if there is something in the sick person’s life that needs to be addressed in order to swing the gates wide for healing.

Remember: (1) pray the prayer thoroughout the week asking the Lord to reveal insight to you regarding all aspects of healing as well as the gift of healing.  *Try not to take your prayer time lightly as you seek the Lord regarding insight into these gifts of the Spirit.  (2) Fast as you are able on Tuesday.  (3) Complete the Scripture blanks for further study.  And (4) if you have not already done so, add your name in the comment section if you plan to participate – it is never too late!

In His grace,


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