Charisma ~ The Spiritual Gifts (Part 1)


Spiritual Gifts Unleashed!

When you accepted Jesus as Savior, you received the Holy Spirit. You may recall your soul (the psychological part – intellect, will, and emotions) and your body (physical part) at that time, was more aware or yielded to the Spirit. It does not take long, however, before the body and soul take over as priority again. When you pray in the morning, the busyness of your soul and body becomes quieted; the Spirit has an opportunity to let you know He is there and during these times you get an inkling that deep inside you, the life in the Spirit is very real. But as promptly as the clamor of existence begins again, you automatically begin trusting your soul and body more than the Spirit. Soon, we loose track of the Spirit. We need to allow the Spirit to flow out from the deep place within us and fill our soul and body. This is done by simply asking and yielding. There is a song called Holy Spirit that I think might help you beautifully. I am fond of the version sung by Francesca Battistelli

(which is included here) but you might discover another version you like just the same.  Think of it merely as a prayer that is sung. As you sing the song ~ you are praying! It goes like this, Holy Spirit you are welcome here…come flood this place (your body ~ where the Holy Spirit resides) and fill the atmosphere… Remember, don’t just sing the song. Pray the words.

According to the measure in which you are yielded to the Spirit, will be the measure in which you will experience His presence, manifestation,and influence. Recently, I described being yielded to the Spirit in the following way. Take both of your hands and place one in front of the other. The hand in front will represent you and the one behind will represent the Spirit. If you are in front, the Spirit will hardly get noticed. Now switch the hands. The Holy Spirit is now in front and you are behind. Now, who will get the notice? This is how a person would look yielded to the Spirit. Now switch the hands again. Spread the fingers of the hand in front and allow the fingers of the hand in back to come through. This is what it will look like for someone partially yielded to the Spirit. Keep in mind, the measure you are yielded to the Spirit, will be the measure of how you and others will notice the Spirit’s influence.

When yielded to the Spirit we receive refreshing. Our minds come alive in a new way to God’s reality. Our emotions respond, and we begin to be happy in Him. Our will responds, and we begin to want to do what He wants. Our bodies respond, not only by feelings of well-being, but by actual renewed strength, health, and youth. Then, it begins to flow out to others and they witness the power and love of Jesus in His people. He is now able to use His believers as refreshment to those in need and to point others towards the Lord.

You will know if you have a distinct gift (see list below) because it will be something regularly manifested through you. Even though you may already have one of the supernatural gifts, it does not limit the Holy Spirit from manifesting any of the other gifts through you at any time He desires. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you potentially could have any of the gifts brought forth at any time, if He so desired.  The nine gifts are things that are manifested, meaning we see it or hear it. Our personal faith should be based on a personal experience of God’s manifest power. As Paul was proclaiming God’s word he said, “My speech and my proclamation were not with persuasive words of wisdom but with a powerful demonstration by the Spirit, so that your faith might not be based on men’s wisdom but on God’s power.” (1 Corinthians 2:4-5) Amen!

If you join me for Wednesday bible study, you recall we have recently taken a peek at the gifts of the Spirit. For the next few weeks on this site, we will be looking deeper into the supernatural gifts of the Spirit and praying to be open to receive whatever revelation the Lord shall impart to us concerning these magnificent things. Each Tuesday we will take a different gift and spend time together looking it over. I anticipate you will take individual time to study and pray regarding the supernatural gift being discussed that week. The emphasis will be on praying for revelation, for increased understanding, and for an openness to the Spirit of God. I also suggest that you spend some time on Tuesday fasting (in whatever way works best for you). This study will consist of me sharing some information, offering a prayer, and then time for you to get out your bible and answer some questions.  The prayer you can pray continually (or pray your own) and the scripture work will be identified with a ♥.   If the information presented is not new to you, please take the time to prayerfully consider the information in a fresh way by asking the Spirit of Truth to electrify your heart with a new excitement for His Word. The goal is to not merely gain more information that sits in your mind, but to mediate on the workings of the Spirit of God Himself so that we recognize Him at work. If you will be participating in this time of learning, praying, and fasting please register your intention in the comment section. Prayerfully consider asking someone to join you! Maybe you can prayer together, learn together, encourage together! It is time for us to actively spread the Word of God to others and for His church to be awakened to things pertaining to Him!! Let’s be awaked and refreshed Lord! The hand-work itself will be light. My hope is that you will participate and then spend the rest of the week reviewing, praying, and inquiring of the Lord to make these things known to you as never before! Shall we get started?

“Now there are different gifts, but the same Spirit. (1 Corinthians 12:4-7,11) There are different ministries, but the same Lord. And there are different activities, but the same God activates each gift in each person. A demonstration of the Spirit is given to each person to produce what is beneficial. But one and the same Spirit is active in all these, distributing to each person as He wills. (His will or intention is a result of reflection and counsel) Verse 8-10 gives a list of the supernatural gifts. These are the gifts and the categories (they are categorized this way only for use in understanding).

Revelation Gifts
a word of wisdom
a word of knowledge
discerning of spirits

Power Gifts
gifts of healing
workings of miracles

Vocal Gifts
different kinds of tongues
interpretation of tongues

♥Heavenly Father, I praise Your name. I thank you for Your goodness and faithfulness. Your Word says that the one who believes in You will do the works You do and even greater works (John 14:12) because of the power of the Holy Spirit in us. Thank you for giving us Your Spirit. Father, I desire to do these works and fulfill the purposes you have for my life! Help me to walk in your provision. Open my eyes and speak to my heart regarding Your truths and the things of the Spirit. Father, demolish the barriers of unbelief I have held! I ask you for an increase of the presence of the Spirit in my life. You said to ask Father, and you would give the Spirit. With a humble heart and outstretched hands, I ask to be filled with Your Spirit! I give you glory and honor and praise because everything I have I owe to You. I declare You are the Alpha and Omega in my life this day and forevermore! Hallelujah and Amen!

Here are some verses relating to the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. Please read the following and complete the blanks. You may want to print this page or have a notebook or journal for completing the verses. Don’t worry if the version you are reading does not line up exactly with the blanks given below. You can make it work!

♥1 Corinthians 7:7b says each has his own ______________ from God. The word ‘gift’ here is charisma and relates to a spiritual endowment denoting extraordinary powers which enables us to serve the church of Christ. Any gift we have is due to the power of divine grace operating in us by the Holy Spirit alone.

♥1 Corinthians 12:4. Now there are _____________________________but the same_________________. This is telling us that there are many different gifts, but it is the Holy Spirit who dispenses them all. Here again we see the word ‘gifts’ and is the same Greek word as above and has the same meaning ~ charisma. The Holy Spirit is the direct source of the spiritual gifts. The Son is the one in whose service these gifts are to be used as ministers. The Father is the supreme originator of all the powers. What unity of the Trinity!

♥1 Corinthians 12:7. _________________________of the________________________is given to_______________________________ to produce what is beneficial. The word ‘demonstration’ here also means manifestation. A manifestation is something we see or hear. If the supernatural gift was strictly for the benefit of the bearer, what benefit would it be to have a manifestation? The benefit of the manifestation is to bring glory to the Lord and edification to His believers. Praise God! Isn’t it intriguing that the Apostle clearly states that every believer possesses, in some form, a supernatural gifting? Since it is the basis of the Apostle’s exhortation, it is inconceivable that any believer should not possess and be conscious of possessing, a gift. Therefore, since no one is without a supernatural gift, no one is without a duty.

♥1 Corinthians 14:1 tell us to pursue _________________ and _____________________________________ gifts, and above all that you may ____________________. When we pursue love (God’s love ~ agape) we will then desire the spiritual gifts in order to glorify God and bring edification and comfort to His people.

♥Romans 12:6 According to the __________________ given to ____________ we have different ________________. The word ‘gift’ here is also the same as above ~ charisma.

♥Hebrews 2:4 God testified by _________________ and ______________________, various ____________________, and distributions of _________________ from the __________________________ and according to ______________________________. This particular verse is also intriguing. The word ‘signs’ means any miraculous event that shows what had been previously predicted (by prophecy) would certainly take place. Some time ago the Lord placed faith in my heart that He would indeed do a miraculous work in my bible study group (I must add they are with sisters I just ADORE!). A few weeks ago I asked Him if He would allow us to witness a manifestation of the Spirit as a testimony in our group. He said “Yes” and it would be “one speaking in a tongue and another giving the interpretation”. I was thrilled! The only thing I shared with my group was that there was to be a manifestation but I did not say what it would be. Two weeks later, as we were praying, someone stood up with a word that “someone would speak in tongues and another would give the interpretation.” Even though it was a faith builder and without a doubt a sign (from the above verse) you still could have knocked me over with a breath! Well, the sign did come and it came just as He said it would! “God testified by a sign” which came via a “distributed gift straight from His Spirit”. Hallelujah!

♥Ephesians 4:8 For it says: When He ascended on high, He took prisoners into captivity; He __________________________________________________________________. He not only triumphed over His foes, but as Conqueror, He also bestows the gifts of the Spirit to His believers.

Pray the prayer, complete the scripture work, and allow the information revealed move from your mind to your heart.  Revelation the Spirit then imparts to you will be a witness to your spirit.  Ask the Lord during this study to dislose to you which gift you are primarily operating in, if you do not already know.  If you have questions or comments register them in the ‘comment’ section!  We will look into a different Spiritual gift each Tuesday.

In His grace,