Proclaim in Power!

Greetings fellow sojourners!  Let’s continue memorizing the Thanksgiving Proclamation (Nov. 21 post) and Psalm 138 this week.  Giving glory to God by having thanksgiving and praise in our hearts and the words ready to roll out of our mouths is our aim!  Thank you Lord for enfusing us with the extra motivation and the empowerment we require to memorize Your precious word.

We often hear a variety of proclamations made during this season.  Sometimes this season can be labeled as stressful, busy, lonely, disappointing, troubling, or even depressing.  If any of the indicated or other emotions like those, find a home in your sentiment I would like to refresh you.  How about this year  none of the usual proclamations proceed from our mouths!  Instead, our proclamation is the Thanksgiving Proclamation!  Will you join me?  When you are tempted to state the negative refresh yourself and state the positive!  What if your heart is not in it?  Proclaim it anyway and demand that your heart catch up with what your mouth is saying!  Hallelujah!

How about a shout of triump?  How about not worrying about anything?  How about the peace of God controlling our hearts?  How about proclaiming God’s deeds among His people?  How about standing every morning and evening giving praise to God for His goodness even in the face of adversity itself!  That is power!  I am in!!  Are you?

Don’t forget to add your name if you have memorized any other scriptures.

In  His grace,


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