How Close Are You Willing To Get?

During worship some time ago, the Lord presented to me a scene that was unfolding in a large field.  In the distance there was an immense burning fire (representing the Lord) similar to a bonfire.  The smoke from the fire could be seen from a distance, sparking the curiosity of a multitude who drew in closer to know more.  I noticed as people made their approach to the fire they were wearing several layers of coats (each coat represented an unrepented sin).  The ones farthest from the fire chose not to remove their many layers because they were under a false assumption that the coats provided the warmth and security they needed.  By believing this assumption, it hindered their approach which is why they remained at a distance.  The coats were so numerous that the burden of the weight made it difficult to walk without being somewhat bent over.  I had an understanding that these layers of coats had been acquired over the years of their lives and there had never been a prior deep need to remove them…until now.  Everyone had a choice in whether they would keep their coats and be burdened or shed them and be free!  Some longed to continue their approach to the fire while some were content in just knowing there was a fire, preferring to sit and remain at their comfortable distance.  When some felt the heat of the fire, they would feel uncomfortable and chose to take a step back instead of removing a layer and moving forward.  These onlookers were the least engaged and appeared to be content with only watching the approach of others.

Some chose to be engaged and realized that a movement towards the fire (the Lord) also required a removal of their coats (sin).  To not do so, made the combination of the heart from the coats and the heat from the fire extremely uncomfortable.  Because of this, some still were not willing to progress any further.  They were satisfied in the comfort of removing only what they were willing to part with and keeping that which they had grown far too attached.

The ones closest to the fire had removed their layers and were discovering the warmth and light of the fire was all they needed!  They were basking in the warmth of the fire and realizing they had allowed their coats to deceive them into a false comfort.  Joy and excitement were evident as people made this discovery and others continued removing and discarding coats and casting them to the ground!  They allowed the fire to penetrate completely, warming all the way to the bone.  As the layers were removed, the heat from the fire was no longer uncomfortable but provided warmth and light as the day turned to night.  As they received the warmth, there was great rejoicing and praising with no hinderance!  Others looked on at those who were rejoicing and were saddened because they desired the same joy and freedom.  Their hesitation was in their unwillingness to remove their coats and let the heat turn to warmth.

Please prayerfully consider these questions as we seek the Lord in prayer today.  As you were reading did you already determine your position in the crowd?  Is there a difference in where you actually are and where you would like to be?  Are you continuing to wear some coats…not daring to cast them to the ground?  If you do desire to cast your coats and approach the fire, would you consider repenting now and making it a reality in Christ?

Thank you sweet Jesus for your warming fire which burns away the sin that so easily entangles.  Help us in your mighty strength to know that through repentance we will not be consumed by the fire but instead the fire burns away impurities.  What remains will be the pure and valuable – like gold.

In His grace,


Ladies, please press on with memorizing Psalm 91! Keep working at it! So excited to memorize this scripture together. If you have not read the previous post – “A DIVA Challenge” posted 10/10/14 – please do and prayerfully consider accepting the challenge. Praying for you!

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