Poured Out Grace

Are you feeling Divinely Inspired and Victoriously Anointed today?  Hallelujah!   Let us be among those the Lord counts as obedient so He will cause our enemies (seen and unseen) who rise up against us to be defeated before us!  When our enemy marches out against us in one direction may the Lord cause them to flee from us in seven! (Deuteronomy 28:7)  Shall we join together in obedience to the instruction of Ephesians 4:29?  I stand with a Yes!  How about you?

“No foul language is to come from your mouth, but only what is good for building up someone in need so that it gives grace to those who hear it.”  I think we can all get a picture of the importance of having “no foul language come from our mouth” if our goal is to lead people towards Christ.  Foul language could be a stumbling block and one we would not desire to put in anyone’s path.  But what about language that is “good for building up someone in need”?  The remainder of the verse reads, “so that it gives grace to those who hear it.”  We can all be counted among those who have made mistakes.  You can probably count several you have made in the last week alone.  If you are like me, you have also been around people who are quick to point out your errors and bring them to your attention.  Maybe you have been guilty of doing the same?  But glory and praise to God if you have been blessed by someone who sees your error and has quickly expressed that you are either forgiven, that it is OK, or that they understand!  In that situation have you sensed grace extended to you?  A person with that ability has freely received grace from the Lord and has therefore been able to freely extend to others.  Would you agree it is a building up?  Someone receives a filling from the Lord, notices the need of another (this does not require a significant error but can be something trivial) and pours out grace.

Let us be challenged to begin our day purposefully building up our household members, taking no account of our own needs (because we go to the Lord for our filling).  Then off to our meetings, seeking still more of His creation to build up with grace (again taking no account of our own needs).  Anytime we have an encounter with someone and we notice an error, an uncomfortableness, a shyness, a burden…we pass on some of that abundant grace that we have been filled with!   What if we have not been filled?  Go to The Source and ask for it!  How about if we go so far as to completely empty ourselves to others and then run back to the Lord for more filling and we are ready for the next time?  Can you imagine what that would look like?

Thank you Lord that you fill us up so that we can be a vessel of grace to pour out to our spouses, our other household members…and beyond!  We pray that our conversations will always be full of grace and seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6) because we so desire to extend Your love and grace to others.  Help us to rid ourselves of all anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language (Colossians 3:8) so we can be a vessel ready to pour out Your grace to others.  Give us a heart that desires to build someone up so they can see the love of their Savior.  Thank you Jesus for the opportunity!

In His grace,


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