I paused as I noticed this picture.  Do you see the sword attached to the belt?  Do you see the belt holding the breastplate in place? (please see post titled The Power of the FULL Armor)  The helmet?  The shoes?  I believe the ones in the picture  know what is needed before proceeding into battle.  I also could not help but notice one was helping the other.  As we prepare for spiritual battle do you rely on the One that can help you?  Do you also rely on your fellow sisters in Christ?  The title of the book that contains this picture is In Freedom’s Cause.  Freedom – it must be defended.

Daniel Webster is quoted as saying, “God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it.”  Jesus fought for, spilled His blood for, and paid his fleshly skin for…our liberty.  Are you willing to defend it?  Put on your armor (Jesus), allow your sisters to stand beside you, and let’s emerge.  The colors on your heraldic coat of arms?  Maroon..indicating patient in battle, and yet a victor.

The Power of the FULL Armor

You sweet, sweet DIVAs.  I am drawn back to the well for more refreshing in the “full” armor of God.  Will you join me?  No matter what the cost, let’s be prepared and readied to stand.  Lord, let it fall fresh on us and allow us to stand strong and resist the enemy of the church.  If you discover that you are lacking regarding a piece of the armor please post and we will join you in prayer!  It is my heart’s desire!  We are on the battlefield defending what God has given and holding our position in Jesus while standing strong in prayer – shoulder to shoulder.  When one sister falls weak we lift her up in prayer (picture holding her up with an arm around her while still armed, on the look out, and praying) while the Lord strengthens her with the Truth until she is ready to stand again.  Hallelujah!…

~~~If you would like to read more of this devotional or others like it, they are located in my book A Devotional on Faith, Hope, and Love by Amanda Seipel. This book can be purchased on Amazon. I am blessed to serve you!~~~

In His grace,


A Purposed Warrior

I thank the Lord for you DIVAs!  My heart is tender towards you.  DIVA’s, I am set afire!  I pray the Lord shall set us all afire!  Lord let it be so.  In this season I believe the enemy has in mind an attack on marriages.  As I speak to people, this is a common area of prayer request.  What the Lord means for good Satan means for evil!  It is time DIVAs to fight!  Fight for your marriage, fight for your neighbor’s marriage, fight for your friend’s marriage, fight for a family member’s marriage, fight for the marriage of someone you do not even know!  Pray DIVAs!!  Do you have a heart for prayer?  Pray!  Do you have the gift of intercession?  Pray!  Have you felt lacking in your motivation for prayer?  Ask the Lord to put the burden on your heart!  We are to pray in all things and without ceasing.  Pray as if the Lord were standing right in front of you and you were pleading with Him for love to return to marriages.  What would you say?

I read an interesting quote from Matthew Henry.  “Whenever God is about to do something, He first sets His people to prayer.”  If God is about to do something, plan for the enemy to start swinging his wrecking ball.  We are in spiritual warfare!  I love accounts in the Old Testament regarding God’s armies as they prepared for battle.  Praise was on their lips!  At times they would “position” themselves and “see the salvation of God.”  Other times they would sing praise as they marched out for battle.  We are told to “put on” God’s armor.  This armor is purposed for assault.  Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of darkness.  Putting on God’s armor is readying us to fight the spiritual fight – nothing else.  Our weapons are prayer and the Word.  We are warriors in the army of the living God!  How does a warrior fling an arrow?  Is it shot into the air hoping to meet the target?  No.  The warrior steadies herself, takes aim, and shoots with a purpose.  That is how we are to pray.  Throw out your weariness, throw out the negative thinking, throw out your questions of “why?”.  Pray for exactly what you desire to see accomplished.  Warriors have an unmistakable look about them.  They mean to win.  Do you?  Satan, our enemy, is stealthly cloaked as a liar, a thief, and a murderer.  He would have you give up because it seems impossible (with God all things are possible), because it takes so long (God is not bound by time), because you do not know what to pray (with the Spirit, He adds the punch), because you are tired (ask God to rejuvenate you for His purposes and expect it).  Take your stand DIVA!  God is about to do something.  Put on the armor, speak the Word, praise God, rebuke the enemy, position yourself, and see!  Be quick!  The enemy is approaching.  He has a plan and he calculates.  Do not fear for God says, “I am with you.”  Let us unite DIVAs and we shall spiritually line up together in battle formation.  Are you ready?  It’s time.


The Unity of Fellowship

Greetings fellow sojourners!  As I was reading through bible study this week a few scriptures “sharpened me”.  I LOVE how the Word is living and effective and sharper than any two-edge sword!  Wouldn’t you agree that the sharpening truth we require has a way of painfully piercing, resembling a two-edge sword at times?  Ouch!  Even still, I am eager for some truth from the Word.  How about you?

Philippians 3:10, “My goal is to know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings…”.  Fellowship of His sufferings?  Let’s look at some things He suffered while cloaked as a man.  Lack of material excess (Luke 9:58), rejection (Matthew 13:57), misery (Matthew 16:21), loneliness (Luke 5:16), wrath (Isaiah 50:6), sorrow (Mark 13:34), the desire for different circumstances (Mark 13:35-36), lack of compassion (Isaiah 53:3), judgement from others (Isaiah 53:8), grieved by others words or actions (Isaiah 53:10), betrayal (Mark 14:44 , Matthew 26:75), plus others.  Are you currently suffering from something similar?  You are valuable and the Lord loves you!  Be encouraged when trials come.  We can consider it as walking in step with Jesus and we can expect comfort from the Father.  Can we pause for a moment during the hardship and rejoice in the knowledge that as we walk through the trial we are getting closer to Him?  In our weakness we are made strong!  If we lived life without enduring hardship why would there ever be a need to cry out for Him like the times when we suffer?  Wouldn’t you agree the relationship grows in leaps and bounds as we meet Him on our path of thorns?  Praise you Lord.  As Jesus often had quiet sufferings, we can be encouraged to do the same.  But when comfort comes, the time for quietness is over – rejoice and proclaim the praises of our God (Psalm 26:7)!

If we fellowship with our Lord in His sufferings we should receive a twofold exchange.  The first is receiving healing from our trial by way of a never-failing source of comfort.  The second is acting from the overflow and pouring out comfort to others.  Here are some bullet points from 2 Corinthians 1:4-7.  (1) He comforts us in ALL our affliction, (2) We are comforted SO THAT we can provide comfort to others (this is a life poured out, this is life with a purpose, this is a life of witness).  As you experience the sufferings of Christ you can expect ministry to be multiplied to you.  And (3) as you share in the sufferings, you WILL share in the comfort.

“Therefore My people will know My name, therefore they will know on that day that I am He who says:  Here I am.”  (Isaiah 52:6)  Listen as He calls to you saying, “Here I am.”  Go to Him.  He is waiting to comfort you.  Will you let Him?

Father of all comfort, sharpen us by Your word, strengthen us during our trials, and encourage us to pour out to others what You have poured in.  We ask and believe in the name that makes it all possible…Jesus.

You ARE Divinely Inspired and Victoriously Anointed!


What Are You Remembering?

Part of our life experience is weathering offenses.  Has the Lord entrusted you with an offense as part of sanctification?  Offenses are sure to come (Matthew 18:7).  Biblical wisdom tells us we should not be taken unaware when they do.  I am sure you have heard the phrase, “this is the last straw” in regard to multiple transgressions.  Have you ever sensed a similiar verbiage unfold in your heart?  As the offenses are remembered are you ever tempted to block that person future access as a way to protect your heart from further turmoil?  Psalm 130:3 states, “Yahweh, if You considered (to watch over or guard) sins, Lord, who could stand (endure, or bear)?”  Have we ever “considered” someone’s sins and they were therefore unable to “stand” in our presence?  The verse says, “if” the Lord considered sins – meaning He does not.  As  our character is emerging more in line with the character of our Lord, we also should not “consider” offenses.  This IS possible for us through the power of the Holy Spirit that resides in our minds, in our hearts, and in our souls!

Love does not keep a record of wrongs (1 Co 13:5).  Why would  we desire to not keep a record of wrongs?  Because He does not.  We are instructed to forgive (Col. 3:13), even if the offender has not asked forgiveness.  Obeying keeps us free and does not give Satan a foothold.  Allow the love (agape) of God to saturate your mind, heart, and soul.  How would you react if you were told by someone your “record” with them consisted only of pure, lovely, commendable, and praise worthy things? (Philippians 4:8)  Would your heart fill with humility?  Mine would…

~~~If you would like to read more of this devotional or others like it, they are located in my book A Devotional on Faith, Hope, and Love by Amanda Seipel. This book can be purchased on Amazon. I am blessed to serve you!~~~

Bless our time as we seek you Lord.