I paused as I noticed this picture.  Do you see the sword attached to the belt?  Do you see the belt holding the breastplate in place? (please see post titled The Power of the FULL Armor)  The helmet?  The shoes?  I believe the ones in the picture  know what is needed before proceeding into battle.  I also could not help but notice one was helping the other.  As we prepare for spiritual battle do you rely on the One that can help you?  Do you also rely on your fellow sisters in Christ?  The title of the book that contains this picture is In Freedom’s Cause.  Freedom – it must be defended.

Daniel Webster is quoted as saying, “God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it.”  Jesus fought for, spilled His blood for, and paid his fleshly skin for…our liberty.  Are you willing to defend it?  Put on your armor (Jesus), allow your sisters to stand beside you, and let’s emerge.  The colors on your heraldic coat of arms?  Maroon..indicating patient in battle, and yet a victor.