The Heart of the Matter


“I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after my own heart. He will do all my will”  (Acts 13:22).  What words of honor bestowed upon David!  As I conclude a study on the life of David, I pondered the idea of being a person after God’s own heart.  The people wanted a king and Saul was their choice.  Saul however, proved himself to be a man only after his and the people’s heart.  While Saul was still king, God chose for Himself another king that would seek His heart and purposes.  God saw in David a man who would not be disobedient and rebellious to His will.  Unfortunately, David had conspicuous iniquity.  I would suggest that the times David found himself in the deepest sin were times when his heart was not set on God but on himself.  As DIVAs we should draw from scripture, apply it to our situation and make it profitable for us (2 Timothy 3:16).

When David erred it occurred when he was following the lead of his own heart.  Have you ever been tempted to not take God at His word because your circumstances seemed bigger than your God?  Would you be willing to allow your heart boldness before God and if you do err to err in favor of God?

What should we do when we desire to know if a situation is right?  Examine the circumstance with the heart of God and not our fallible heart.  A way to begin is following David’s example.  In Psalm 119:47-48 he said, “I delight in Your commands, which I love.  I will lift up my hands to Your commands, which I love and will meditate on Your statutes.”

Being a DIVA striving in this manner we would also imitate David and enthrone God as king over our heart.  For David, the goal was God.  What did God love?  David’s soft repentant heart, his faith, his trust, and his obedience.  What did David love?  God’s perfect Word for one thing (Psalm 119:11,25,42,81,97,105,167,174).  Are you willing to acknowledge truth and seek Him (Psalm 16:2, 119:2)?  David did.  God is still desiring men and women that pursuit His heart.  Would you be willing to begin each day by committing your heart to God?  Allowing Him kingship over your heart each morning?  Let’s join together as if in a great assembly and entrust our hearts to God!!